Weekend Family Fun: Pittsburgh Giant Rubber Duck

GIant Rubbe Duck

 Pittsburgh: Giant Rubber Duck

This weekend we had the opportunity to take our kids to the {as my son would say} HUGE rubber duck that came to Pittsburgh. For those of you that are not local or have not heard about it, this is the first  time the rubber duck has come to the United States.

It is a 40-foot tall and 30-foot wide duck! Up until this point it has only floated in other countries like France and Australia. My boys were thrilled to have the chance to go see this duck.  You can see the giant rubber duck at the Point in Pittsburgh. We had a lot of fun going their this past weekend. Since Evan is only 2 weeks old I did not want to get him out of his carrier in our stroller because their were so many people. Although he was not in the picture with my boys and I, he did make it down to see the giant rubber duck!

giant rubber duck pittsburgh

giant rubber duck pittsburgh

giant rubber duck pittsburgh


You can find out more about the Giant Rubber Duck.



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