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Two of my son’s just completed an 8-week Spring soccer program with Pittsburgh Soccer Shots. We cannot be more thrilled with the program and how much our boys learned. They are 3 and 4 years old so we were a little hesitant to get them started into a team program because we were unsure at how they would do. To our surprise, they both counted down the days each week until it was Saturday when they had Soccer practice.

The program allowed them to not only connect with other children their age but learn new skills. They both had a great time learning all the new drills and terms from their coaches. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my younger son’s Coach. He was absolutely amazing with the small children.

If you are in the Pittburgh area I would highly recommend their programs. They offer a variety of camps and classes to fit your schedule. They even come to local Daycares and host Soccer classes at the Daycare.

Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we
serve. – Pittsburgh Soccer Shots

If you are looking to get your child into a Summer program now is the time. You can save $20 on Soccer Shots Summer Camps and 15% off Birthday Parties!

Here is a little more information about Pittsburgh Soccer Shots and what they offer for your child.


What is Pittsburgh Soccer Shots?

Pittsburgh’s Premier Youth Soccer Program! Soccer Shots is a program offered to children 2-8 that meets once a week at daycare centers, schools, and parks throughout the city to introduce your child to soccer! Our Soccer Shots instructors are energetic and enthusiastic, are great teachers, and love working with children. We not only teach soccer skills, but also work on improving balance, coordination, and agility with the kids. Soccer Shots also uses the sessions to teach children important concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. Come join the fastest growing youth soccer program today!

Soccer Shots Goals and Coaching Philosophies

As Soccer Shots instructors, we have been given the unique opportunity to coach and invest in the lives of children. For many of these children, it will be their first time playing an organized sport — and we treat this opportunity with great honor. In order to accomplish our objective to provide a great experience in a child’s week, we commit the following goals and coaching philosophies:

1. To seek 100% participation
2. To approach every session with two objectives: FUN for every child and LEARNING new skills and concepts. These two objectives work together, and our mission is not fulfilled if both objectives are not met.
3. To make the experience POSITIVE for every child enrolled. Small accomplishments for some can be HUGE. We take a “You can do it!” approach to everything we teach. Constant encouragement is essential to this philosophy.
4. To influence children in areas of healthy living habits — we talk about exercising daily, taking care of our bodies (warm-up and stretch), and enjoying activity, even if it’s not soccer.
5. To influence children in areas of strong character: Traits such as respect, honesty, positive attitude, and encouragement are just a few examples of character traits we hope to pass on to the children we work with.

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*Our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we


Disclosure: My son received a free 8-week Spring Soccer session for promotion of their program. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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