Plan A Staycation With Your New Baby

 Plan A Staycation With Your New Baby

Plan A Staycation With Your New Baby

Now that your new baby has arrived are you looking to plan a vacation or getaway? Planning a vacation can really add up especially if you have a large family. With the rising cost of airfare, hotel and other travel expenses a vacation may be out of the question. Instead of taking a vacation, why don’t you plan a staycation! Just because you are not going out of town does not mean you cannot enjoy yourself. Read some of our staycation tips below to help you enjoy a nice trip with your new baby.

Planning A Staycation With Your Baby:

  1. Staycations can add up, too, so set yourself a budget and stick with it. There’s no sense in stressing while you are supposed to be relaxing. Make sure you put aside enough money to cover your expenses as well as some spending money. If this is your first road trip with your new baby make sure you pack the essentials. Here are our top items to have in your diaper bag.
  2. Instead of going out of town take some time to enjoy the area you live in. Check out all of your local attractions. You may be surprised at the cool adventures you can find in your home town. Art galleries, museums, zoos, and parks can make great places to visit. Plus, if you went on a vacation you’d be visiting some of these places anyway.
  3. Unplug and unwind- turn off electronics and forgo the schedule- at least for you! Baby can stay on a routine, if needed, but you should have fun and forget about the tasks on your to-do lists. They can wait- this staycation cannot.
  4. Try something new. You may be surprised at how much fun it can be to take some time off to try out new foods or attractions. You can even stay in a local hotel for the night!
  5. Have a picnic in the park. Enjoy the outdoors and spend the day taking a walk and having a picnic.
  6. Take pictures and videos of your staycation. Sure, in your own hometown or even in your own home it may seem silly, but do it anyway! It is technically a vacation and people do take pictures of their vacations. You should get the full experience.

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