Potty Training Myths Debunked


Before I started potty training I literally read everything I could get my hands on. I heard so many horror stories about potty training and I feared what our experience would be like. After successfully potty training in 3 days I now have realized there are numerous potty training myths.

I can honestly tell you that the process is not fun. Potty training is ongoing and you will find that it can be much harder than using diapers.

Potty Training Myths Debunked


Potty Training Myths


Harder to Train Boys

Although I do not have any girls I can say that both of my boys were potty trained in 3 days. Yes, it is a difficult three days but we did not run into resistance because of their gender.

Dirty/Wet Diapers Will Help Potty Train

I have heard and seen many people try to potty train their children by “teaching them a lesson” by having a wet or soiled diaper. This in fact will not work because not only does the diaper absorb a large amount but it can confuse your child. They will think that it is still okay to go in their diaper. Both of my children learned from having an accident in their underwear. They hated that wet feeling and soon realized the importance of keeping them dry.

Sitting on the Toilet will Train Your Child

Placing your child on a potty chair or on the toilet will not train them. Yes, they may go when they are sitting there, but it is not teaching them to learn the sensation of having to go. By having them constantly sitting on the toilet you are preventing them from learning what needs to be done when they feel the need to go to the bathroom.

There is Only 1 Way to Potty Train

Every child is different. Every potty training process will be different. Your child may be ready at a different age than other children. Keep in mind that there is not just 1 way of potty training children. You need to do what is best for both your child and your lifestyle.

Daytime and Night Time Potty Training Are the Same

Even if your child is potty trained that does not mean that they will stay dry through the night. My oldest son spoiled us and immediately started waking up dry. After a few days of potty training he stayed dry throughout the night. My second son has been potty trained for a while now and he wears a pull-up to bed. It is a difficult task to teach children to stay dry throughout the night. Please approach your potty training methods differently at night than during the day.

Potty Training Myths Debunked

After Potty Training You’re Done

As much as I would like to say that once your child is potty trained you do not need to worry about it, but that would be a lie. This is an ongoing process and your child will need constant reminders. They may even revert back and have several accidents in a day. Potty training is a life skill that takes time to master.

Best Potty Training Books

If you are about to potty train your child make sure you read our 3 Day Potty Training tutorial or check out the book How to Potty Train in a Weekend.

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  1. I wouldn’t call “harder to train boys” a myth. I have 4 boys and 3 girls, and the girls were by far easier to train than the boys. My girls “got it” within a day, and never needed a reminder to use the potty. My boys took longer and had to have more persistence and patience on my part.

  2. “Every kid is different” is my mantra. Potty training my daughter has been really difficult. She’s three now, and we’ve started and stopped multiple times because I get frustrated. She hasn’t gone on the potty once, and seems to have zero interest in it.

    My parents had three kids; two boys and then me. My mom says my brothers were actually easier to potty train, because, apparently I was afraid of the toilet.

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