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Potty Training?!? I have recently been getting asked my potty training process and how I was able to get Connor to be potty trained within a few days.

I was extremely nervous when I started potty training because I had no idea what to expect. I did wait until he was 2 ½ to get started. Honestly, I wish I would have started sooner. Everyone had scared me and told me to wait until after he was 3 to even start thinking about it. I was always told if you start too early it could be detrimental to them. I posted awhile ago for some help with ideas about Potty Training. Thank you to everyone who commented and sent me email. It really got me thinking about how I wanted to potty train and wow was I clueless when I first started thinking about it!!

I’d like to begin by telling you that I am by no means an expert!! Every child is different and there are many factors to consider when potty training.

I do have to say that after the first day of potty training Connor was doing pretty well, but I expected the process to be completely different! You MUST have a lot of patience! The first day he had a total of 3 accidents and we went through lots of underwear because he hated feeling the “drips” as he would call them in his underwear.

Be prepared for the unexpected.

By the 4th day of potty training, when I had just about  had enough cleaning up accidents and being in the bathroom 90% of my day, it was like a light switch went off in his head and he just got it. I can’t even explain the excitement!! I had read and heard of other people’s potty training experiences and was told that they all of a sudden just get it but I honestly did not believe it. Let me tell you it happened with my kid! Shockingly he just all of a sudden got it. I did not have to consistently tell him to pee or go on the potty over and over again by the 4th day. He began telling me! Now, don’t get me wrong we still have some accidents but the majority of them have been when he just didn’t make it in time to the toilet.

Before starting potty training I read every possible article and online forum out there. I seriously obsessed over how quickly some people were able to potty train their children and wondered how because it seems like such a complex task for them to learn. Since he is my first child everyone and their mother had told me tons of horrible stories from their own experiences with potty training their children. One tip that stuck with me was from a good friend of mine, she had just finished potty training her daughter and said that instead of focusing on actually going to the bathroom they rewarded her for keeping her underwear clean and dry. I absolutely loved this idea because I did not want my son to become discouraged with the potty training process if he did not immediately go on the potty.

After reading a plethora of blogs, books, tips and everything else about potty training I formulated my own plan and decided to just go with it. I did learn a LOT from these places as to how to get started and expectations. I am sure you have heard about people potty training their kids in 1 day and other people taking months. This method worked for us and will hopefully work for you too!!

“Never, never, never give up.” – Winston Churchill

The next step is knowing if your child is ready to be potty trained. You can also print our free three day potty training chart.


Also, you can take a look at the book Potty Train in a Weekend for some awesome tips. Are you potty training or know someone who is? Share this with them and please share your potty training tips and tricks with us in the comments below we would love to hear them!!

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  1. Great tips! I agree every child is different. With my niece she loved looking in a mirror and making silly faces, so they had a special handheld mirror she could only play with while sitting on the potty. She was potty trained in no time..so funny!

  2. All 4 of my kids are different. After my oldest, I honestly didn’t try potty training until my kids told me they wanted to try. They were trained after they were 3. No kid is the same and what works for one may not work for the other. Great tips you have here. You obviously spent a lot of time putting this together and that’s awesome!!
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  3. i’ve always been the “mom” who didn’t really want to be the “mom.” i was young. didn’t care to do things for a child (pretty bad, i know). i cold turkey-ed my daughter (who is now 6) off the bottle THE DAY SHE TURNED ONE. the day she turned two, i through out all diapers (with the exception of a few pull ups) and went to kmart and bought training panties. Tip number 4 is exactly how i did it !! a gumball machine full of skittles and a potty that played music when it flushed. lets just say that from 2 years old till today, she’s only had 2 or 3 accidents (including potty training week) !!!

    great tips… i have a 8 month old boy now.. VERY NERVOUS ! thank you for posting this !

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am actually potty training my second child right now! We started yesterday and I am following the same practices that I talk about here. That is wonderful that she only had a few accidents total!

  4. Great tips! I really needed the encouragement to stick with it. We’re on day 3 of potty training and while it’s not been horrible, I did hope we’d be further along. Your experience lets me know that we’re actually doing just fine. Thanks!

  5. Yeah every child diffrent an as a single mother of five 4 girls an 1boy, girls are definitely easier. However, my son was the fastest potty training go figure right. Also I always waited until they started having dry notes to start potty training so much easier

  6. I feel like maybe I’m not seeing part of this post… What steps did you take? What tips do you have? I’m literally only seeing three paragraphs and some pull-ups app ads …. Help?!

  7. Potty training is not difficult. Just make sure that you let him set the pace and before you know it, you’ll have him
    successfully potty trained. Encountering a potty training problem is the most natural thing in the world. Why? Because for a toddler, learningto use the potty is thelatest game in his world. It’s new. It’s interesting. And everyone is excited about it!But…if you are the parent of a toddler,you understand the meaning of “short attention span”. One and two year olds are famous for their lack of focus. Combine this reality with the need tolearn something as complicated as toilet training and it’s easy to see why the honeymoon with this new “game” is over fairly quickly for most children.Because once atoddler realizes that Mom or Dad is not backing off from playing the potty game you have the perfect environment for that most dreaded of parent-child encounters.

  8. Thanks for sharing great tips.. Our little guy is in the process of leaving diapers for good. As soon as he turned two we tried potty training but it seemed like he wasn’t ready to give up his diapers.

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