Pregnancy Benefits & Perks


Although pregnancy is normally associated with a lot of bad symptoms there are a lot of pregnancy benefits that you can look forward to! Don’t get me wrong there are a ton of symptoms that I could do without i.e. frequent urination, nausea, heartburn, etc. BUT I want to tell you about some pregnancy benefits.

Good Things About Being Pregnant: Pregnancy Benefits

pregnancy benefits


I feel like every time someone is pregnant everyone goes into all of the horrible aspects of being pregnant. For all the ladies out there who would like to know about some of the good benefits then read on!


Pregnancy Benefits

Wearing Comfy Clothes – Being pregnant is a great excuse for spending more time in your sweats. Honestly it is more comfortable and I feel like people accept it more because you are pregnant. It is also nice to not wear tight clothing especially in the beginning months when you don’t necessarily “look” pregnant yet.

Expectant Mothers Parking – Some stores will offer parking spots for families with children or those who are currently pregnant. This is a nice pregnancy benefit because those last few months can get uncomfortable so anything to make it easier is always a bonus.

Extra Help – You will find a lot of people even strangers lending you a hand to help. Sometimes it does get frustrating because everyone wants to do everything for you, but it is nice for a change, Definitely take people up on their offers because you will be very busy once the baby is here.

Pampering Yourself – This is a nice time to not feel guilty about spending extra money on pampering yourself with a mani and pedi or anything else that will relax you.

Pregnancy Benefits

Eating Extra Desserts – This is one of my favorite pregnancy benefits! You know all those times when you’re like “No I shouldn’t” or “I can only have 1” well yes you can! This doesn’t mean to overeat or eat for 2 but do not feel guilty for eating extra ice cream or a few extra cookies.

Taking A Break – Pregnancy is exhausting and a lot of rest is needed. Take the extra time to put your feet up or take a nap.

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Please share with us some of your pregnancy benefits and bonuses!

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