Pregnancy Symptoms – 10 Things I Forgot About Pregnancy

10 Pregnancy Symptoms I Forgot About

pregnancy symptoms

Now that I am halfway through this pregnancy {this is my 3rd}, there are so many things that I have forgotten! Although my last pregnancy was only 2 years ago I still forgot some of the pregnancy symptoms that I encounter. Even though I complain about having some crazy pregnancy symptoms I am truly blessed to be having our third boy and love being pregnant.

Pregnancy Symptoms:

  1. Tummy Touchers – I know this is not really a symptom but it is by far is the top thing that I forgot about being pregnant! It is never okay for a random person to touch my stomach. I mean the baby is inside there but its not like you are touching the baby?!? This is just so odd to me. I would never go up to a stranger and be like “aww” as I rub there stomach!!
  2. Lack of Patience – I am normally very patient especially when it comes to my kids. For some reason this pregnancy is pushing me to the edge. Someone can look at me wrong and I am cursing them under my breath!
  3. Heartburn – I have no idea how I forgot how bad this can be! I seriously keep a bottle of TUMS in my night stand. Its like clock work, every night at the same time it suddenly comes on and totally consumes it. Heartburn is absolutely horrible!
  4. Stuffy Nose & Congestion – I do remember having a stuffy nose that felt like allergies with my first two pregnancies but it is actually preventing me from getting sleep this time. Trying to fall asleep is so hard when I cant breathe.
  5. Back Pain – I should just say all over pain. Taking a simple walk makes me feel like an old lady. I come back and everything hurts!
  6. Cravings – This particular symptom I do not mind, but this pregnancy is completely different. With my last 2, I craved chocolates and sweets and this time around I crave salads and veggies — weird?!?
  7. Sleeping Upright – With the severe heartburn every night and the lack of oxygen the most comfortable position I can sleep in is upright. Waking up with a sore neck is not a bonus.
  8. Exhaustion – Maybe this symptom was not as bad with my first and second pregnancy because I did not have 2 little boys to be chasing around, but this time I am exhausted all the time. I could honestly fall asleep in a moments notice.
  9. Nausea – This is definitely one of the most common pregnancy symptoms. I was lucky enough to not have morning sickness this time around, but trust me I know how bad it can be. I would throw-up every day with my first 2!! Recently I have been getting nauseous right before bed. Not a good feeling.
  10. Using the Bathroom a Billion times a day – This pregnancy symptom is in full force right now. I seriously think I am going to keep track of the amount of times I pee in 1 day!

Please share with us some of your pregnancy symptoms or things you forgot about being pregnant.

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