Tips to Help Get your Child Ready for Preschool

get your child ready for prschool


Starting preschool can be rough on both parents and children. There are some things that you can do that will make the transition a little bit easier for everyone. Take a look at our list of 10 ways to prepare your child (and yourself) for the 1st day of preschool.

1.Arrange to see the school and meet the teacher ahead of time. This way the 1st day will not be so unfamiliar and scary.

2. Allow your child to voice their fears while being reassuring. Talk to your child about all of the good things about school like making friends and learning new things.

3. Let your child choose their outfit and their lunch for the 1st day. {find out how you can save money on their school clothes}

4. If you know some of the parents of kids that will be in your child’s class, try to plan a fun get together before the 1st day. Knowing some of the kids will make your child more comfortable on the 1st day of school.

5. If your child is not used to being away from you, start leaving them with a friend or family member for short periods of time. This will help to ease any separation anxiety on the 1st day of school.

6. On the 1st day, surprise your child with their favorite breakfast to celebrate this special day.

Get your child ready for preschool

7. Play preschool at home. This will give them some idea of what to expect when they walk into that classroom on the 1st day.

8. Go shopping for your child’s backpack and lunchbox. Let them choose. They will carry these with pride on the 1st day of school.

9. Allow your child to place a family photo in their backpack. This can be a comfort to them if they get a little bit scared without you.

10. Just the thought of your baby growing up and starting school may bring tears to your eyes. Don’t cry in front of your child about them starting preschool. This may cause them to look at school in a negative way. Show them a positive and happy attitude about going to school.

We hope that these 10 ways to prepare your child for the 1st day of preschool help you get ready for the big day. Remember, starting school is a huge adjustment for most kids and it can take some getting used to. It is helpful to prepare before the 1st day to make the change as easy as possible for the entire family.

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  1. I love to see different lunchboxes when kids bring them to school. I love the idea of having a child pick their own lunchbox to take with them to preschool. I think that would help them be more and more excited to go to school instead of me telling them what to get.

  2. That first tip you give seems like it’d be particularly helpful! My son is almost old enough to start going to preschool, and I know that he’s both nervous and excited about it. I can see how setting up a meeting before the first day would really help him! I’ll have to be sure to do that, so thanks for the tip!

  3. I like your 4th tip. I think that not knowing anyone can be frightening. Knowing one of the kids in the class would be really helpful. I could see me doing this with one of the kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I completely agree with your tip about about having your child meet with their preschool teacher before the first day of school. I didn’t do that with my oldest son and he had a really hard time adjusting to school, because everything was so unfamiliar. However, I took my younger son to meet his teacher the week before school started and so it was definitely an easier transition for him. Yet, I definitely think that it was a good idea for him to meet her a week before, because it might not have gone so easily had the meeting been a month before. Timing is everything with children!

  5. I definitely worry about my little one starting preschool this year. She doesn’t take to strangers and strange situations easily. I appreciate your helpful tips on how to get your child ready for preschool. I like your tip to have your child meet the teacher ahead of time so that they can feel more comfortable when school starts. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Taking my son to preschool is a source of anxiety for me. It’s coming up soon, and I just want to make sure he is prepared and ready. I love your idea of playing preschool at home with him! I bet that would definitely help him (and me) have peace of mind.

  7. Your tip to reduce the fears of your child through talking was a very useful one. In addition, your suggestion to see the school and teacher ahead of time may prevent unwarranted fear as well.

  8. I like that you suggest to have your child and the teacher meet before the first day of class. I can see why this would allow your child to feel more comfortable being there. My niece is turning 3 in March and will most likely be starting preschool in the fall. I’ll have to talk to with my sister about doing this before it starts.

  9. My toddler is about to be three years old this March and I think it is about time to sign her up for preschool. It was helpful to learn that if your child is not used to being away from you, start leaving them with a friend or family member for short periods of time. I will be sure to schedule some play dates this week to help her get used to not being with me all day!

  10. I really appreciate all of these great tips on how to prepare your child for preschool. My daughter will be entering preschool next year so I need to use this time wisely to prepare her. I never knew that role playing preschool at home could help her learn how to behave even before she gets there. Thanks for the advice!

  11. I like that you suggested that we practice at home. If I was going to send my son to preschool I would want to know that he will know what to expect. You might want to speak with the teacher and ask what you can do to prepare for the first day.

  12. Hello,

    Nice Post!

    My kids are still too young for school, but my husband is a teacher. I find that we have to have a routine to make our lives work. Also, my oldest son and I play school to help him get used to a routine. Then I sneak in some fun lessons so he’s learning while playing.

    However, your tips will be really helpful for further learning.

    Your doing a great job..Keep it up 🙂


  13. My kid is going to be going to be old enough to go to preschool, and I was wondering how I would best prepare for that. You wrote that you should let your child pick their outfit out for their first day of school. I’ll also bring them along when we are choosing a preschool, as they could have a say in it and help foster an independent spirit and attitude towards life.

  14. It really helped when you talked about how visiting the preschool and visiting with the teacher your child will have can help them feel more confident on their first day of school. We just moved to a new town and want to make sure we find the best preschool for our little girls. As I see it, reading online reviews and consulting with other parents in the area can help you find the best facility where your kids will be safe and have fun while learning.

  15. I like that you suggested finding a time to meet the teacher and see the preschool with your child ahead of time to make sure that their first day is not going to be scary for them. My husband and I are planning to find a preschool for our son. We want him to easily adjust to his new environment so he can enjoy learning. Since we want him to be comfortable while we’re away, we’ll find a preschool with him.

  16. Thanks for pointing out that you can allow your child to meet their teacher early so they can be familiar with them. My husband and I will surely do your tip because we’d like to enroll our son in a public preschool. We don’t want him to feel alone while we’re away, so it’s our goal to help him easily adjust with his new environment.

  17. It sure was helpful when you said that you can consider allowing your child to meet their teacher ahead of time to ensure that their first day is going to be fun. My husband and I are interested in enrolling our son in a preschool next school year. He is almost at school age, so we want to find a preschool as early as now. We’ll do all your tips since we want him to enjoy learning.

  18. My youngest is about ready to go to preschool. It would be really helpful for her to go and learn and socialize with other children. I’ll be sure to introduce her and the teacher ahead of time.

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