Preserving Baby Memories – First Year

Preserving baby memories is a great way to track all the different life phases your child will experience in their first year of life.  I love when my children reach different milestones in their lives. It is such an awesome feeling to see them reach both physical and developmental stages. Below you will see what I use to preserve my kids milestones in their first year.

Preserving Baby Memories

Preserving Baby Memories

When I had my first son I purchased a baby calendar to document all of these important times in their lives so that we would not forget. I love these calendars because you can add photos and important information and most of them come with little stickers that you can put on each day as they have important events in their lives. For example, the calendars I have used had stickers for:

  • Dr Appointments
  • Holidays
  • Road trips
  • First tooth
  • First bath at home
  • 1 month -13 months
  • And More!

Preserving Baby Memories: First Year Calendar

Not only was I doing it for them {even though they probably will not care when they are older} but it was a nice reminder for me once our second child came along. I found myself going back on this calendar all the time to see how many hours he was sleeping and how much food he was eating compared to my other son to see if we were on the right track. I never compared them to one another but it was nice for me to look forward to when they would be sleeping for longer periods of time.

Since we just had our third child I purchased a first year calendar for him as well. I am excited to document all of the important milestones and memories we will be creating with him! Please share in the comments below how you have preserved your baby’s memories.

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