How To: Pumpkin Carving Template

Do you use a pumpkin carving template to carve your pumpkins every year? One of the greatest joys of Halloween, apart from all the candy and the parties, has to be decorating your house. And one of the center pieces is most usually a carved pumpkin. Carving out a pumpkin can be a lovely way to spend quality time with your children and the rest of the family. This could be a great way to sneak in some informal family time and bond with each other. Learn how to use a pumpkin carving template below.

Using A Pumpkin Carving Template


pumpkin carving template

As with any family event, it is always wise to be prepared ahead, to make most of the time spent together. A great way to ensure that you have perfect looking carved pumpkins is to pick out a pumpkin carving template for the family to use. This will ensure that everybody can end up with great, clean pumpkins, even the most artistically challenged member of your family!

To carve pumpkins using templates, you will need your pumpkin, your carving tool and not to mention, your template. You can find great ideas for templates on the internet. We have a great list of  FREE Pumpkin Carving Templates including celebrity pumpkin carving patterns and other family friendly templates. You can also check out our FREE Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns. There are various themes that you could go with, or if you want to maintain the great big smiley face, you will find innovative versions of them. You could also go with family name monograms for the adults or a stylized initial. For the most enthusiastic of the lot, you could print out family portraits or silhouettes of Halloween themed objects.

Make sure that your template, if you are making one is big enough to cover the entire face of the pumpkin, but at the same time suitable for carving. You could also pair off the adults and the children for a carving contest, if you are a very competitive family.

While you may have the pumpkin carving template and pumpkin ready, you may be wondering how to transfer your template onto the pumpkin, so you can carve it out. Here are some great methods you can follow.

How To: Pumpkin Carving Template

  • Using a graphite transfer paper or a carbon paper placed between your template and the pumpkin works wonders. You could trace the outline with a ball point pen, thus effectively transferring the design onto the pumpkin. Make sure your pumpkin is dry and the kids don’t press too hard on the template while tracing.
  • You could also punch holes on the template along the outline, thus transferring the design onto the pumpkin as well.  Tools you can use to make the holes include a burlap sack needle, small screwdrivers and sturdy ball point pens. However, smaller kids will have to be helped by adults for this method and it might get messy over time.
  • Once the design has been transferred onto the pumpkin, it is just a matter of using your carving tool to carve along the outline or if you want to be more creative, you could show the designs on the inside of the template by carving to various depths. While this is more difficult, it can also produce a magnificent result.

Pumpkin carving is a tradition that has brought great joy to families throughout the years. By making it new and exciting using templates, it might just take it to another level. Don’t forget to check out these FREE Pumpkin Carving Templates and FREE Disney Pumpkin Carving Patterns.

What pumpkin carving template will you use this year, please share in the comments below!

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