Reading Strategies to Keep your Kids Reading this Summer

Find out below 10 reading strategies to help you keep your kids reading this Summer.
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I absolutely LOVE reading, but I was not always this way. I used to dread having to read a book when I was in school.
Some kids just are not into reading as much especially during the summer.  It is even harder to get them interested in reading when there are other fun activities. Here are a 10 ways to keep your kids reading during the summer.

Reading Strategies to Keep your Kids Reading this Summer:

1.Create a reading chart. After a certain amount of books are read, your child can earn a reward. For example, after 3 books are read you can take your child out for ice cream or a special dessert, after 10 books are read you can take them to see a movie or have their favorite lunch. This will keep them motivated and excited to read.


2.Make it part of their daily routine, every day, no exceptions. Designate a half hour after breakfast or lunch each day to relax and read. The rule is, if your child wants to participate in any other activities for the day, they must complete their reading. Take turns reading out loud to each other to make it more fun.


3.Kids love to watch movies, so incorporate reading in this hobby. If there is a movie version of the book, they must read the book first in order to get to watch the movie. Afterwards,discuss the similarities and differences between the book and the movie.
Reading Strategies to keep your kids reading this Summer


4.Create a summer reading group. Gather kids in the same age group once a week to read together, talk about their books, and trade books when they are done.


5.During grocery shopping let your kids read the shopping list and help find the correct products. If you use coupons, have them find the item that the coupon is for.


6.If you are using a recipe to cook a meal, invite your kids into the kitchen and have them read the recipe out loud while you gather and prepare the ingredients.


7.Order a magazine subscription for your kids.There are magazines that cover every interest and hobby you can think of. Find one that’s focused on your child’s specific interests and they will be more likely to want to read. Comic books can also work!


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8.Choose a writer who’s books your child has enjoyed before and introduce them to other book’s by that author that they haven’t read. They may enjoy that author’s writing style more than others and it can help keep them interested.


9.Take your child to the local library. They usually have great summer reading programs that are free for children.


10.Make reading a part of every trip. If you are going to the zoo or aquarium, read a book about zoo animals or sharks with your kids. If you go to the beach, find a book about the beach. Your kids will enjoy reading and learning about the places they are about to go visit.


If you want your kids to love to read let them see you reading as well. You don’t want them to see it as a chore. Let them make choices on what they would like to read, try some of our 10 ways to keep your kids reading during the summer and make reading more fun for them. What reading strategies do you utilize, please share in the comments below!

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