Ideas to Save Money on Beauty Products


There are so many different tips and ideas to save money on beauty products. Below you will find some of our top ways to help you save.
Ideas to Save Money on Beauty Products


The price of beauty products can be pretty high, but they do not have to be. Take a look at some of our tips on how to save money on beauty products to save a few dollars and still look great!


Ideas To Save Money: Beauty Products

1.First stop is your local dollar store! You might think this sounds ridiculous going to a dollar store for beauty products but you can purchase your basic essentials. Buy your beauty basics at the dollar store and you can save a lot of money. You can buy cotton balls, nail polish remover, baby oil and manicure/pedicure sets for much less then the drugstore or beauty supply shop charges for the same exact items.


2.Look for multi-taskers. A lipstick that doubles as blush, eyeshadow that can also be used as an eye liner and to fill in eyebrows, facial wash that is also a toner and other products that offer multiple uses are a great way to save money because you only have to buy one product instead of 2 or 3.
Ideas to Save Money on Beauty Products


3.Ask for samples when available. If you go to a department store or specialty store you can usually get samples of fragrances in small glass vials, foundations, lipsticks and other cosmetics. Being able to try these products for a couple of days will give you the opportunity to decide if you really like the scent, color, etc. This prevents you from wasting money on a product that you buy and do not like it once you try it.


4.Make your own! Do a Google search and you will find recipes for everything from body scrub and shampoo to face masks and lip balm. Find a recipe that fits what you are looking for and make it yourself. This can be a huge money saver!


5.Social media can also save you money on beauty products. Look on Facebook and Twitter to find your favorite beauty brands. Like and follow their pages and you will have access to special promotions and exclusive coupons.

Ideas to Save Money on Beauty Products

We all deserve to look and feel our best and our tips for how to save money on beauty products can help. Try them out for a supermodel look on a frugal budget!
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