How to Save Money in Fall

I can hands down say that Fall is my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love when the temperatures get cooler and the leaves start to change.

Where I live it is a beautiful time of the year, but it’s not just about the pumpkin spiced food and holiday spirit, I love that this season helps my naturally frugal nature thrive.

I am sharing some of my favorite fall savings tips below as a great reminder for myself and for you to take advantage of ideas to save money during this favorite season.

I am sharing some of my favorite fall savings tips below as a great reminder for myself and for you to take advantage of ideas to save money during this favorite season.

10 Ways To Save Money In Fall

The best ways to save money in fall are actually long term savings you’ll appreciate for months.

I love that this season produces so many great opportunities to cut your budget, take advantage of deals, and prepare for the future in a frugal way.

I know that not every single item on this list will apply to you or your lifestyle, but I hope it will get you thinking about all the small things that you can do that will have a big impact on your budget.

Open the windows.  This season is right between the heat of summer and cold of winter for us, so it is the perfect temperature outside to open up your windows and let a breeze go through your home

Turn off your air conditioner, and don’t fire up the furnace just yet. If it’s a bit chilly, shut the windows and throw on an extra blanket. Take advantage of the ideal temperatures to cut your heating and cooling budget significantly.

Have your chimney swept early. Hiring a chimney sweep in winter can create not only some cold days at home, but added expense.

Check out rates early in the fall months to get the best deal and know that your fireplace is ready for use when the need arises. This should be done annually, and is well worth the peace of mind when you are heating your home with a fireplace.

Do a weatherproofing check of your home.  Take a weekend afternoon to check seals on doors, windows, and around gutters and your attic. Not only do you want to keep the wind and cold out during the winter months, you will often find that squirrels and other critters try to seek refuge in your home during cold months.

By sealing up any holes or issues around your home, you keep them out and will save money on pest removal as well as potential damage to wiring in your attic.

Stick to your menu plan.  This one is a huge way to save year round, but I find it most helpful in the fall.  Why?  Fall months bring about the busy back to school season, holidays, and of course, sports.

That means I am more likely to be busy and on the go. The result could be a lot of eating out and fast food for meals, but sticking to a menu plan will not only save money but keep your family eating healthier during fall months.

I definitely recommend you check out $5 Dollar Meal Plan to help you lower your food budget and come up with an easy weekly meal plan. You get the first 4 weeks for free and then after that it is only $5 a month. You get the meal plans AND a shopping list sent right to your inbox.

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Negotiate policy prices.  Fall price changes are rolled out for many services in early to mid-September each year.  It’s the prime time to call up policies and request a better deal.

Make a list of all insurances, subscriptions, and similar items to call and update with a lower rate or possible discount if you pay multiple months at once.

This works not just with things like your vehicle insurance or homeowners policy, but also with things like your Internet provider, cable provider, or even cellular phone service.  October – December is often the open enrollment period for health insurance companies in the US, so it is also the ideal time to check pricing and compare plans where applicable.

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Use the student discounts available to you.  If you have a student in your home, this is the perfect time of year to utilize that savings for many services and purchases.

From a free Amazon Prime membership to discounted movie prices, a student discount makes a huge difference. You usually need a student ID to show as proof, but even the 10% discount for most purchases can make a big difference in your budget.

Shop end of summer clearance.  While your goal is to ultimately save money in fall months, shopping the end of summer clearance deals is a great long term savings idea.

Not only can you grab clothing for yourself or kids for next season, but you can pick up deals on summer toys, beach toys, bathing suits, and things like pool cleaning supplies.  Lawn furniture, grills, lawn mowers, and other more expensive outdoor purchases are also at their lowest prices during this season.

For good investments that have long term savings potential, shopping end of summer clearance is a great idea.

Stock up on seasonal sale items.  Again, this is one of those ways to save money in fall months that is a long term investment.

Taking the time to shop seasonal sales goes beyond just holiday gifting. It’s a great time to update your kitchen supplies, invest in a new electronic device, or simply replace worn out bedding, curtains, or towels.

These savings may cost something in the moment, but over time will be less of an investment than they would be during other seasons.

These tips will help you to save money in Fall work towards a frugal lifestyle.  By focusing on your purchases and actions during these months, you can create a wonderful ripple effect of frugality in your budget.

Please share how you are saving money during this season in the comments below!

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  1. This is the Wonderful ideas. It had reasonable and easy tips and tricks to save money and stretch certain items out for longer use. Some articles suggest things that are only good for those who already have some extra money in their pockets and just want to save a bit. This article, on the other hand, is filled with ideas that everyone can use! Great Ideas! Thank you!

  2. I unfortunately don’t have a fireplace, and I typically don’t turn on the heat yet in the fall – I wait. But, I do have someone come out and take a look at my furnace to make sure it is ready for the winter ahead. I don’t want to be caught without heat when I really need it. Even then when it is winter, I keep the thermostat not too high (it’s programmable which has saved me money), and wear slippers and a sweatshirt. If I am still cold then I get out a space heater. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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