Save Money On Your Kids Doctor Appointments

This is a great guest post from Angel on how you can save money on your kids’ doctor appointments.

 How To Save Money on Kids Doctor Appointments

How to save money on kid’s doctor appointments

Taking kids to the doctor is an expense many new parents don’t consider, and saving money on those doctor’s bills is something most people don’t know how to manage. If you are looking for some easy ways to save money on your kid’s doctor’s visits, check out these helpful tips.

Schedule them together

If you schedule the appointments together you will save money on gas and only have to take one day off from work (saving a loss in income). Many doctors will see siblings at the same time.

Use coupons and Groupon

Have a coupon or groupon for a dentist or eye doctor? Use it! They offer them for a reason and you can get a great service and a better price. Use your coupons to save on anything from co-pays to prescriptions, contact lenses and even accessories.

Stay within your coverage

Does your insurance offer discounts if you use certain doctors? Some do. Check out your plan in more detail to see if they offer lower co-pays on certain doctors and fees.

save money on kids doctor appointments

Go generic

Have you thought about generic prescriptions? You should! You can save a ton of cash each year by going with off-brand medicines instead of the name-brand items. Also, get a pharmacy card. The more you use, the more you save and you can rack up points which can be redeemed for free items later on.

Go rural

Doctors in rural areas tend to charge less because they are in smaller towns. If you are willing to drive a good 3-45 minutes outside of the big city to go to the doctor, you could save some money.

Shop around

Don’t just accept that one doctor may be “the best” and that’s all you should go with. Shop around and ask for pricing, any hidden fees, and any co-pays you may not be aware of. This little bit of research can add up to large savings in the end.


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