How To Save Money On Easter

Read this excellent guest post from Angel on how you can save money on Easter this year.

save money on easter

Save Money On Easter

Even though you want to have a nice holiday that you can enjoy with your family it does not mean you need to break your budget. There are many different ways that you can save money on Easter. Just because there are ways to cut back does not mean you need to sacrifice the celebration or your family’s traditions. You can always think of DIY projects or use coupons to help you save some extra cash.


 Tips to Save Money on Easter:

1. Buy second-hand. Do you have a tradition of buying new clothes for the holiday and snapping pics? Don’t buy new- buy used! Many consignment stores have great deals on gently used frocks and your kids can still look great in those pics. The same goes for baskets. Buy a plain basket and jazz it up yourself.

2. Easter baskets made by kids are a fun way to get them in the spirit. Have them decorate those baskets with ribbon and craft pieces you have lying around. Instead of fake grass, pull out those old newspapers you have lying around, pain them green, and then shred them up. This is also better for the environment!

3. Make your own gifts, like cupcakes, cookies candies, and coloring books. You can print out Easter themed sheets online and place them in a binder-which can be used again and again for other holidays! Make homemade rabbit ear headbands and other small items your kids will enjoy.

4. Do a potluck. Who says you need to make all the food? Ask friends and family to pitch in and do a potluck dinner for the whole family. Have it outside on a picnic table and let nature be your decorations. Enjoy the day with those you love and don’t stress over the details.


Thanks for a great guest post Angel! 


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