Save Money Shopping While Doing Something Kind For the Environment

Is sustainability something you have as a concern?  It is for us every day.  

Right alongside saving money in our budget, we value being able to choose purchases that offer a better environmental impact.  Our sponsor, BLINQ has just the solution that fits both of those needs in our lives.  Seeing a company pull together to not only give you up to 70% off retail prices, but provide you with products that might otherwise have become waste in landfills.  


Save money shopping with BLINQ while doing something kind for the environment! Click to find out how...

Why choose BLINQ?

Up to 70%-80% off retail prices. In a world where money is often a struggle for many families, being able to buy items that are needed or wanted at deep discounts is always a top choice.  It can be tough to find a trustworthy place to buy items at great prices, but changes that for you.  They offer the discounts on the quality brands and products you are looking for.

You may wonder how these prices are possible.  Especially on items that are so sought after. offers a variety of products covering everything from toys to electronics.  Often the brand names that you only wish you could afford.  They can manage this with some unique partnerships with well-known brands.  They are able to purchase the items that many manufacturers would simply send to the landfill.  This not only helps reduce waste, but gives you the consumer the chance to take advantage of a great discounted price on something you might otherwise not be able to afford.  

They offer three types of products:

  • Discounted new in package
  • Discounted used in good condition
  • Discounted refurbished items

Every item that they sell has been evaluated by their team to make sure it is the quality you expect.  They even have a 30-day money back guarantee that applies to all purchases.  So, if you are unhappy with a product, they are happy to refund your money.  Their quality and attention to detail makes this an unlikely occurrence.

Large variety of products available.  I mentioned it before, but offers a huge variety of merchandise at prices that are true rivals to others in the industry.  They have thousands of items that change daily according to what they get in shipments.  In fact, their products move fast, so you if you see something you want you need to grab it fast.

Their main categories include:

  • Electronics
  • Home & Garden
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Health & Fitness
  • Toys


I enjoyed looking through the many products that caught my eye.  I was impressed with so many brand names and items I knew I would have paid twice as much for at a regular retail store.  Some of my favorites included electronics, health & fitness items, and of course toys.  I knew these would fit into my life and needs easily and inside my budget with no problem at all!

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Wristband: I have wanted to update for a long time, and this sleek design is perfect for my busy lifestyle.  Save money shopping with BLINQ while doing something kind for the environment! Click to find out how...I love that it is new and checked for quality.  It’s also definitely a much more affordable price than I found in our local sporting goods stores!


Magnaformers Motions In Gear Set:  This brand new package of Magnaformers is a great deal that would be perfect for birthday gifts or just a surprise for the kids.  

I love how they are educational, and especially this discounted price on a brand new in package item that is still sealed!  Ideal for gifting!Save money shopping with BLINQ while doing something kind for the environment! Click to find out how...


Apple iPad Air:  I have wanted an updated iPad for sometime, but I hesitate to spend the amount needed for a brand new item.  

This gently used one is over 50% off new prices and has checked out as being in great condition.  It’s a great choice for a starter tablet for a teen, or for a second updated tablet for myself.

Save money shopping with BLINQ while doing something kind for the environment! Click to find out how...A company that values our planet.  Another great selling point of BLINQcom is their attention to our planetary needs and sustainability.  They use a two part method to make sure they are giving back to and protecting the planet, and that makes me even happier to invest in products through their site.

They currently have a partnership with Trees For The Future.  This program is where plants a tree for every order placed through their site.  This is a great way to build back the deforested areas of our planet and ensure a longer healthier life for the planet.

Additionally, they work hard with retailers to prevent waste by purchases and selling to consumers the items that might otherwise be sent to landfills and create waste.  It’s a great thing to know your purchase is not only providing for your needs but preventing further destruction of the planet. is a powerhouse in the budget friendly online sales arena.  With a multitude of high quality brand names available for sale on their site they can satisfy your needs easily.  Next time you are looking to shop online for your family, take the time to shop  

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