Saving Advice: Ways to Save on Infant Clothing

Below you will find our saving advice for ways to stay on budget while buying infant clothing. An infant’s rapid growth rate can make clothes shopping a nightmare for parents. The cute onesies you received at the baby shower may stop fitting your bundle of joy in a couple of months. It is tempting to splurge on the designer baby clothes and fancy labels, but smart parents know that clothing is one of the easiest ways to save money. Here is our saving advice on for infant clothing

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 Saving Advice: Ways to Save on Infant Clothing

Although baby clothes can be extremely cute and it is definitely fun to play dress-up, it is impractical to spend money a lot of money on clothes that they will grow out of at a rapid pace. I know that I got a lot of clothes at my baby shower when we had our first child. I made a HUGE mistake with the clothes. After the baby shower I went home and took the tags off of everything and washed all the clothes. I honestly did not consider the sizes with the seasons or think of what size my child could be.  After our son was born I soon realized that not only did he grow out of the clothes fast, but a lot of it would never fit him because of the seasons. This was an expensive mistake. Luckily, we were able to use some of that baby clothes on our second son.

Here you will find some saving advice and tips that will help you plan if you are expecting. Figuring out how much money you need for a baby can be difficult. Start now and think about how you can save on their clothing.

Saving Advice – Infant Clothing Tips:

  1. Use Resale Shops and Hand-me-downs – Most babies go through several growth spurts during their first year. This means that parents quickly run out of clothes that fit. Although you may not like the idea of scouring thrifts stores or resale shops for clothes, they offer a great option for parents on a budget. Hand-me-downs are another quick way to save on clothes. However, if you do not have older children, you can still ask friends to loan or sell you the clothes at a reduced cost. I love shopping consignment sales for our kids clothes, and they offer the option for you to make some money by selling back your used clothing as well.
  2. Don’t Shop in Advance – Parents often learn that shopping in advance can be a problem. It is impossible to predict a baby’s growth spurts, and the cute outfit you purchased three weeks ago may never fit your child. Infants do not comply with the size regulations of clothing designers, and they will skip over entire size sections as they grow. If you are buying clothes in advance, you may end up with outfits that are useless.
  3. Focus on the Essentials – Designers have realized that parents can be convinced to buy accessories for their babies. Although most parents realize a two-month-old does not need a fancy headband with ostrich feathers or a dazzling tiny purse, these items are sometimes hard to ignore. Parents who focus on the essentials will save money in the long-term. It is better to focus on purchasing essential clothing items.


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What saving advice would you give to expecting parents on how they can save on infant clothing?

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