Saving Money On Baby Food

Baby food can be really expensive!

 How To Save Money on Baby Food

Have you ever checked out the prices of baby food? It is crazy expensive! Once your baby starts eating food you will realize the high costs associated with a tiny jar of food.

Now that you know how expensive it is, turn it over and check out the ingredients.

 Ingredients: Squash & Water

Yes, that is it. If there are only 2 ingredients then why is the price so high! Well, the answer is convenience. Buying store bought baby food is easy because you do not need to make it yourself and it comes in perfect serving sized containers.


Ways to Save Money on Baby Food:

Homemade Baby Food – With those simple ingredients anyone can make baby food at home. There are a few different ways that you can make your own baby food: baking, boiling or steaming. As long as you are properly preparing it, making it and storing it for your baby. It can also save you money by making your own baby food if you feed your child the same foods you are eating for dinner. All you need to do is puree their food and they can enjoy the same meals {as long as it is age appropriate}.

Using Coupons – If you do not have the time or means to make your own baby food then you can also save money by using coupons. Printable baby coupons are a great way to save some extra cash.

Find Deals – Make sure you pay attention to your local stores’ deals and sales. Many times you will see a good sale on jars of baby food and you can stock-up so that you do not have to pay full price once you run out of baby food. You can also become an Amazon Mom and use Amazon’s subscribe & save program to save you money each month on all of your baby expenses.

You can make our Butternut Squash Baby Food Recipebanana baby food recipe, or our sweet potatoes baby food.

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