Saving Money While Gearing Up for Kindergarten

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Saving money while gearing up for Kindergarten


I am definitely going to be THAT mom on my son’s first day of Kindergarten. I will be a blubbering mess taking a million pictures of him taking his first step onto the school bus. Even though I know the day is coming it is hard to prepare myself. I do not know if I am more upset about him being gone, or the fact that he is so excited to leave me to go to school.

Either way, I need to start accepting the fact that he is ready and excited. Do not get me wrong, I am thrilled for him to start on this new journey in life, but he was my first baby so this will be a huge change.

In order to prepare myself I am taking a straightforward approach and making sure I know all the details about Kindergarten. Including his schedule, curriculum, pick-up and drop-off times, and every other important detail about the upcoming school year. This also includes being prepared with his school clothing and supplies.

Saving money with Straight Talk while gearing up for Kindergarten


All of these expenses start to really add up, so it is important to try to save as much money as we can everyday. This includes cutting back on unnecessary spending and making smart decisions like taking advantage of Straight Talk’s nationwide coverage with no hidden fees, or contracts, for a low monthly price. They are straightforward and make my life easier.Plus, their unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 5GB of data at high speed (then reduced to 2G speed).* Every lit bit of savings helps us to put our money towards expenses like school.





With the money I save using Straight Talk Wireless I am able to get everything we need to get my son ready for Kindergarten. I am a very detail-oriented person and do not like surprises or feeling unprepared. Knowing that we are saving money each month on our cell phone plan is making this transition less stressful.

Now, I can focus on preparing myself so that I do not completely embarrass my son.


Disclaimer: *At 2G speed, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected. All currently active Straight Talk BYOP customers will also receive the first 5 GB Data at High Speeds at the start of their next 30 day cycle. Please refer always to the Terms and Conditions of Service at

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  1. I don’t like surprises much either, when it comes to money. Phone bill surprises are def. the worst (so been there, done that)! 😉

  2. Aweee You know I was THAT mom and any GOOD mom would be! Sure we are proud of them and of course we don’t want them to see US upset which is difficult to hide I know. Be strong, he is going to rock this! I agree saving is so key to getting your kids off to a good start in school and I will check into this service.
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  3. Having Straight Talk is a great way to save. It is so exciting for the kids and parents when they start kindergarten. For everyone it is a milestone in their little life. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness, kindergarten was so long ago. My children are even past their children’s kindergarten and now I guess it’s my great-grandson who will need to go to kindergarten. LOL Go figure. I tried to decline to be a great NaNee, but they say I couldn’t! darn……… but he is a cutie anyways. lol

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