Best Places to Sell Your Crafts Online & Actually Make Money

If you are looking to make a bit of extra money by selling your quality handmade crafts, this list of places to sell your crafts online and actually make money will come in handy.

There are many websites out there that allow you to sell your items, but all too often those sites eat into your earnings with fees.

While some of them are still a great place to begin, there are many other options that make it easy to sell your handcrafted items, and make the full amount of money you rightly deserve.

Best Places To Sell Your Crafts Online & Actually Make Money

Find out the best places to sell your crafts online and make money. Figure out which site fits your handmade items so that you can generate an income.

eBayThe auction site has been around for many years and is reputable. Not only is it often sought out, the fees are known up front.

Handmade items are still highly popular on this site, and as you grow in reputation you can easily have repeat customers that share with their friends and family.

While you have to pay a portion of your sales, and will have to figure in shipping costs to your buyer, eBay really does make it easy for a crafter to make money online.

Things to consider when listing on eBay are that you will be charged a listing fee, as well as a percentage of the price it sells for.

Those fees are typically taken from your Paypal account once per month, so you’ll need to figure that ahead of time to make sure you are listing your item for enough to recuperate the fees.  Before you push submit to that new listing, take the time to calculate how much out of pocket you will be paying eBay and adjust your listing price.

EtsyWell-known for being the ideal format to list any homemade items, Etsy takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to charge your customers.

Setting up an Etsy account gives you the chance to list your products, and let them manage the shopping cart that pays for the items when a customer chooses you.

Like eBay and other sites, you’ll need to figure the fees involved with having an Etsy shop, selling on Etsy, and even the Paypal fees to withdraw your money after a purchase is made.

Prior to listing, make sure you calculate these fees to ensure you make enough to compensate for your effort.

Some great ways to get your Etsy items seen by more people are to share your links on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ezebee.  Another great online resource for arts and crafts allows you to list and sell your items with ease.

Great images are vital for this site, as it is very visually oriented.  There are nominal fees, and a history of great feedback. It is a worldwide platform, but doesn’t have as easy to operate listing process as others.

This means if you are limiting shipping to just the US and Canada, you may want to take extra time to make sure it is listed clearly.

Facebook Craft Groups.  There are tons of local swap shops and groups on Facebook you may already be a part of, but did you realize there are also tons of crafting groups?  Some are there just for sharing ideas, while others are actually a marketplace created just for you to sell your arts and crafts.

This is one of the best ways to make money selling your crafts online.  Do a simple search and find craft groups in and around your local area as well as nationwide.

  • Craft Junkies Marketplace: This group is a great place with tons of members looking to buy and sell crafts and art.  There are minimal rules to follow, and great opportunities to promote your products.
  • Crafting Den: This group is not for selling items, but is an excellent resource that helps other crafters learn about marketing, pricing, and more.

AmazonAmazon has recently launched it’s Amazon Handmade program.  This allows you to become an Amazon seller of your handmade items.

As the largest all in one store, this is the ideal place to get your work out there.  The Amazon store has many options for images and listing, and the fees for selling are easy to calculate.

With a history of satisfaction guaranteed behind the Amazon name, it is easy to see this could be an amazing boost for your crafts business.

AftcraThis site is only for those in the United States, and while it has no listing fees, it has a set 7% fee on sales that makes it easy to calculate.

It isn’t as popular as other venues, but the dedicated handmade craft buyers are definitely looking here for items they will love.

Visually appealing items sell best here.  You are required to list a credit card when you register so that the fees are guaranteed to be paid each month, but if you calculate as you sell items this is easy to manage.

CafePress.  This well known site may be your go-to for buying a fun t-shirt, but they also print tons of great items for you including mugs, bags, and more.  This isn’t specifically for crafters but is deserving of an honorable mention for those who are graphic designers.

Putting your designs up on CafePress is an easy way to earn simple residual income.  Commissions are taken from the sell of the item, and once you reach their $100 payout threshold you can easily withdraw your royalties.

It’s a great way to make extra money on unique designs you’ve created.

Social Media.  No matter which site you choose to sell your crafts online and make money with, social media is a huge tool you will want to take advantage of.  While we mention Facebook in particular already, that is not the only social media that can be great for helping you sell your craft items.

  • Build Pinterest boards for your crafting business that link to your listings on Etsy or your own website.  Followers may click through and make a purchase after seeing it shared on multiple Pinterest boards.
  • With the right hashtags, you can easily attract buyers directly on your Instagram account.  Great pictures and targeted marketing can lead to your website or orders places directly via the Instagram app.
  • Whether you are sharing items in groups listed above, or create a page for your crafting business, Facebook is always a valuable tool to help market your craft business.
  • This fun site is all about sharing beautiful crafts.  You can post your unique items with great pictures on this site along with a link back to your site or shop for interested individuals to buy through.  Craftgawker an be very picky about image quality, so make sure to read their tutorials and edit accordingly.

If you have a handmade craft business and want to expand to selling more items outside your local area, these are some of the best places to sell our crafts online and make real money.  While many charge a nominal fee to list and sell through their site, you’ll be happy to see you can make money easily when you market your work appropriately.

Find out the best places to sell your crafts online and make money. Figure out which site fits your handmade items so that you can generate an income.

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  1. Great source Addi !! If I’m going to do the marketing myself why would I send my own people to Etsy? Why wouldn’t I send them to my own website where I don’t have to pay a listing fee or a fee when it is sold……? Sounds crazy to pay someone to put my stuff on their site then I have to send my customers to their site and then I have to pay the site when I sell my stuff. Makes no sense to me….

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