Shelf Price vs. Sale Price



Coupon matchups can sometimes be confusing because of the difference between a sale price and a shelf price. Catalina deals (the coupons that print at the register after a transaction) normally work off of the shelf price of an item instead of the current sale price.


Here is an example to make it easier:

          *You have to purchase $15 worth shampoo in an order to get $5 on your next order (OYNO)

          *The normal shelf price for the shampoo is $3, but it is on sale for $2.50

*If the deal is going off of the shelf price you would only need to purchase 5 items to reach the $10, but if it is going by the sale price then you would need to buy 6 bottles of shampoo to reach the $10.

The register only knows the shelf price and not the stores’ sale price for the Catalina coupon to print. Therefore you would be saving yourself from having to purchase a 6th bottle to receive the $5 OYNO. This is not always a guarantee, but most Catalina coupons work off of the shelf price. Every deal that I have tried thus far at Giant Eagle has worked from the shelf price to produce the Catalina coupon!

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