Side Job Ideas for the Holidays: Earn Extra Cash

Having a side job is a nice way to earn extra income in your free time. Many people seek side job ideas so that they can pay for the holidays with all of the added expenses at the end of the year. A side job can honestly be any kind of job that you complete that does not involve your full-time job. Most businesses are looking for extra help throughout the holidays so it is a nice time to find a side job or seasonal work.

Below I put together a list of side job ideas to get you started. I ALWAYS had a side job throughout college. Since I could not work full-time it was hard paying for all of my expenses and affording to purchases gifts for the holidays.

Need some extra cash for the holidays? Check out these 8 side job ideas that you can do to earn extra money and help pay for the holidays.

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Side job ideas for the holidays:

Gift Wrapping – Wrapping other people’s gifts for the holidays is a fun and easy way to make extra money. I am absolutely horrible at wrapping gifts! A lot of people just do not have the time to wrap the gifts they have purchased. This is a simple side job that you could do after work hours.

You can check your local department stores for open positions or even look online at Snag A Job. I saw a bunch of stores looking for seasonal help. I know in my area that their are a few malls who offer free gift wrapping services when you make a purchase at their store. They will then hire part-time workers to fill these positions to wrap the presents in their store.

This may seem a little far fetched for some people, but there is a lady in my area who actually places flyers in local stores offering to wrap gifts for the holidays. If you do not have the time to wrap your gifts she will do it for you and she will provide all of the supplies. The lady here will charge per hour, but if you are looking for side job ideas you may want to offer this service to your friends, family and neighbors!


Snow Removal – Depending on where you live this side job will require more work but the payoff will be much greater. A lot of people look at this as a job for teenagers to do, but there are a lot of people in our neighborhood who place flyers on our door to offer to shovel or plow before they head to work. It is a great way to make extra cash in your spare time. Even if you only do a few houses the money can add up fast if you live in an area where it snows frequently.


Retail– Holiday season is the time of the year where most people are in a hurry shopping for presents for their loved ones. Malls and department stores usually need a larger manpower during this period of time. You can assist customers in finding the items they need, help to refill displays and manage financial transactions as well as refunds, returns and purchases. Head to any department store or mall and you will surely see a ‘Now Hiring’ sign in their front window.

A lot of our local stores have already started hiring for seasonal positions. You may view this as a part-time job but a few of my friends will work only a night or two in their spare time to make extra money. Most of the stores hiring do not require you to have much experience.


Handmade Gifts – If you have a special hobby or craft that you are particularly good at making, try selling your items to make extra money. This is the perfect way to enjoy your side job because it is fun and you can earn cash. Plus, people will be looking for gift ideas for the holidays.

You can create your own etsy shop or spread the word using Facebook to your friends and family. I love purchasing handmade gifts for the holidays.


Personal Shopper – Have you ever considered shopping to make money? Some people would be more than happy to pay you to their holiday shopping. Whether it is to purchase presents or even groceries for holiday entertaining you may be able to make some extra cash by helping out your friends and family. You can charge an hourly rate or by the job. Since this is such a busy time you may be surprised with how many people take you up on this idea.


House or Dog Sitter – With many people traveling throughout the holiday season you can offer your services to take care of their pets while they travel or even be a house sitter. This would give people peace of mind while they left and you could have a little bit more cash in your pocket.


Child Care – There are a few local organizations around here that offer child care services on certain nights so that parents can do their holiday shopping. As a parent it can be difficult to find time to shop and wrap presents for the holidays. Having someone who can watch after our kids so that my husband and I could either go shopping or sit at home without looking over our shoulders every two seconds to wrap presents would be invaluable.

You could even enlist the help from a few friends and plan a few nights each month where several families could drop off their children while they finished some of their holiday errands.


Santa – One of the interesting side jobs ideas for holidays is to dress up as Santa. If you think that you have what it takes to make children happy this would be a really fun side job. When I was younger I worked as an elf in our local mall alongside of Santa. It was so much fun watching how excited kids would be to sit on his lap and take a picture!

You can also consider working for local festivals, activities, and even catering companies to earn extra money.

Do you have any fun side job ideas for the holidays, please leave a comment below!

Need some extra cash for the holidays? Check out these 8 side job ideas that you can do to earn extra money and help pay for the holidays.


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  1. Hi, I am stopping over from Frugal Friday Link Up Party! These tips are great! I don’t know how I would fair as a Santa, though! LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have worked retail for several years now and would advise against working as a sales associate during the holidays unless you are REALLY strapped for cash. You will get an employee discount that will help you save on gift costs, but you will have very little time to spend with family. If you have family out of state plan on them visiting you because you will not get time off to go visit them.

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