Simple Ways to Save Money on School Clothes

Check out this list of simple ways to save money on school clothes. With all the expenses of the upcoming year use these ways to save money on clothes.


I hate to say it, but have you started school shopping yet? I know when I mention the words back to school a lot of parents get all crazy and say that summer just started. I completely agree, it does feel like summer just started, but in order to cut costs on school expenses it is best to get started not. Today, I am sharing simple ways that you can save money on back to school clothes for your kids over on my friend Sarah’s blog.


“It is actually shocking to see how much kids’ clothes cost. As my boys get older the clothes get more and more expensive. Not to mention the added cost of school supplies, books, lunches and any other items your child will need for the school year. Your total out of pocket cost will keep increasing especially if you have more than one child in school.

I already have a hard time spending a huge amount on my boys’ clothing, but I hate knowing that they will grow through it really fast. So, I am always looking for unique ways that I can save money on their clothing.

I have put together a list of 5 ways that you can save money on back to school clothes this year…”

Read the full article: Sarah Titus

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