Start Saving Money with Essential Oils: Cost Per Drop

If you are like me then your first thought was probably “Why are these oils so expensive?” Well, I am breaking it down in this post for you. I originally thought that Young Living Essential Oils were way too expensive, but I was unaware of how long these oils last and the price per drop. Learn how to start saving money with these oils.

Start saving money with essential oils- cost per drop

Start Saving Money: Young Living Essential Oils

If you are not sure if you want to invest $150 in the Young Living Starter Kit I am here to show you that it is definitely worth the investment {not to mention you get a diffuser, 11 bottles of essential oils, 10 sample packs, a free reference guide and a 24% off discount!}. You are definitely getting a lot more than you think for the price you are paying.

A typical application of Young Living Essential oils is 1-4 drops and there are 75-100 drops {per 5mL bottle} in each bottle that is included in the starter kit. For the sake of showing you how cost effective these oils actually are I am going to say each bottle gives 80 drops. So, when you break it down you are only spending pennies each time you use the oils.

Not only do they not cost a lot, but you can also replace cleaning products, beauty supplies and health products that you are currently using. Think about how much money you spend a month on cleaning products, candles or even body care products. It may not seem like a lot since you dish out small amounts of money, but all the frequent trips to the store really add up.

A typical household cleaner is $3-$4 and that is for just 1 cleaning product. I am sure you have more around your house. You would be shocked to see how many products you can replace around your home with these essential oils. So, this kit would not be an additional cost it would be a replacement cost. Plus, they really go a long way!

Start Saving Money: Cost Per Drop Young Living Essential Oils

Keep in mind that each bottle of essential oils have several uses, but for you to understand the cost analysis it is easier to show you the breakdown per bottle. Below I have a few oils broken down to cost per drop for using each one to the skin:

  • Peppermint: use for upset stomach $0.09
  • Thieves: support immune system $0.14
  • Joy: uplift your mood $0.16
  • Lavender: promotes restful nights sleep $0.09


Now, if you are interested in diffusing the oils you will be shocked with how cheap they actually are to use. Not only are they much cheaper than using an expensive candle, but they have health benefits as well. When diffusing essential oils you can choose to diffuse for 3 hours or 7 hours intermittently with a Young Living diffuser. Depending on which oil you use will determine how many drops, but normally it is 5-7 in the diffuser.


  • Peppermint: $0.07 per hour
  • Thieves: $0.11 per hour
  • Joy: $0.13 per hour
  • Lavender: $0.08 per hour

All of the prices I have listed are the wholesale prices not retail. Learn more about how you can order Young Living Essential Oils and how you can get a discount.


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  1. WOW! It really helps to see this broken down. Makes me feel a little bit better about how much I love to use my oils!

    I’m a little more on the conservative side of things but after going through some of my favorites in my starter kit, I’ve been even more frugal with my oils!

    Thank you for sharing!


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