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Disclosure: I received the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR for review purposes along with a one month free data plan. All opinions are 100% mine.

 AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR

My family and I recently went up to my in-laws cabin to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. It is only an hour away from our house, but it is in the mountains. Since I am a blogger I NEED to be connected to the internet throughout the day. Even though I did not plan on going up there to work I do still need to have internet access so that I can answer emails and use my social media accounts. I was worried that I would not have internet service up there and did not want to rely on my cell phone. Luckily, I had the chance to test out the AT&T Unite Pro by NETGEAR. I was very pleased with the service since most cell phones do not even get good service up there.

It was nice not having to worry about having WiFi when we were up there. I used the AT&T Unite Pro for a month and never had a single problem with it. The AT&T Unite Pro is easy to use and allows you to stay connected wherever your life takes you. This device not only provides you with mobile WiFi, but you can even refuel your smartphone and charge it with this mobile hotspot. I took the AT&T Unite Pro with me everywhere!

One of my favorite features was that you could see how much data you had used throughout the month along with the number of days left on the plan. It let me gauge the amount of WiFi I was using and I could be prepared for the month without the service shutting off. The AT&T Unite Pro has two different monthly data plans that you can choose from and is available for $49.99 with a 2-year contract.


  • Provides internet for up to 15 devices
  • 16 hours of battery life
  • 4G LTE and supports LTE Advanced {where available}

It is nice that you can use up to 15 devices to connect to this mobile hotspot because we have several devices in our household. If you are a busy family like us then I would definitely recommend getting this mobile hotspot device. It was fast and reliable. I never had a problem with losing service, and you can have WiFi anywhere.



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