Steps To Keep Your Financial Goals On Track In 2019

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If you’re into traditions, you know it’s that time of year when many of us set out with good intentions for our New Year’s resolutions. Saving money in the year to come is often on top of the list. I know that in our house, we always go a bit beyond our holiday spending budget. It always seems that things that we forgot to calculate seem to just pop up! Maybe it is dining out one too many times because we were too busy shopping to cook, or we forgot to calculate the amount for a gift card for our mail carrier.

Whatever the case may be we plan to tighten our budget and actually stick to our plan as a New Year’s resolution!

Did you know that tackling your finances is actually one of the most common New Year’s resolutions? Although most of us vow to do so, according to U.S. News and World Report, a whopping 80 percent of us revert to our old habits by mid-February. Let’s make 2019 the year of changing this statistic and actually sticking to our plan.

It may feel easier said than done, but you are in luck. Check out these 4 steps for keeping your financial goals on track all year long.

Here are some steps to help keep your financial goals on track in 2019:
Step 1: Get organized.
It’s important to map out your goals by writing them down on paper. In fact, that’s what
billionaire Richard Branson does, and told CNBC it’s been one of his secrets to success. Branson
says a written record allows him to reference something every morning and get in the mindset
to tackle what’s on the list. Checking items off can help motivate you to keep moving forward.

Step 2: Set measures for success.
When you sit down to begin writing your goals, start small and be as detailed as possible. Set
daily targets that ultimately work toward your major objective, such as saving money or paying
off debt. Tools, like Axiom Bank’s AxiomGO mobile app, can also help set measurable marks for
smart saving and spending. The My $ Manager function allows you to input your goals and track
your progress.

Sticking to a financial plan in 2019.

Step 3: Study your spending habits.
Many of us think we have a good grasp on how we spend our money. But if you find yourself a
little short at the end of the month, it might be time to study where the money is going. Where
can you cut back? AxiomGO makes this process easy. You can create individual spending
buckets, such as mortgage/rent, car, gas, groceries, entertainment, etc., and set a limit for each.
The My $ Manager function automatically tallies money from that category and alerts you when
you’re reaching the limit you set.

Creating a budget plan and sticking to it in 2019

Step 4: Start now!
It’s easy to keep putting things off but procrastination limits your ability to get ahead. Billionaire
Warren Buffett agrees. He says getting control of your finances is all about mindset. You have to
make a conscious effort to stick with your budget. Think about ways to engage and challenge
yourself to meet goals, such as going a day without spending money on non-essential purchases.

Developing a new habit takes time, but the easy to follow lesson Richard Branson applies every day is “try and try again, but never give up!” So cheers to making 2019 the year you take control of your finances.

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  1. I don’t think it’s too late for anyone to re-commit to the goals they had set at the beginning of the year. Thank you for this excellent run-down on how we can keep track of our financial goals.

  2. Thank you for breaking this down so well. I couldn’t agree more with what you mentioned here, particularly about getting organised. When I started to work on my financial goals, organising my finances, specifically my income and expenses has been a struggle. In the long run, I got a hang of it, though. Your insights are legit. Cheers!

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    this is really a nice article and you shared the very informative article here I started a blog I hope it will succeed as you keep it up such a nice posting like this.
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