Do You Suffer From Sinus Pain? #SUDAFEDREPLAY



Do you suffer from sinus pressure or pain? Have you ever had a sinus infection that has prevented you from going to an important event in your life?  I can definitely relate!

It seems like I am constantly getting sinus infections. Not only can it be difficult because of the headache and pressure, but it has prevented me from spending time with my family. Last Summer we left for our family vacation to the Outer Banks and my sinuses had already started bothering me. I was congested and could not breathe out of my nose. I felt like I was a mess and I was dreading our vacation. How would I be able to enjoy this time with my family with my sinus issues. By the time we made it to our destination I felt horrible. I had to spend the entire first day of our vacation holed up in the house while everyone else got to enjoy the beach. I would love to have been able to replay that day!

Sinus sufferers can enter to win a SUDAFED REPLAY™. SUDAFED® is offering a sweepstakes on their Facebook page for you to enter to win a $250 gift card. All you have to do is describe the activity you missed or suffered through due to pain and congestion. This sweepstakes is open until April 6, 2014. Take a look at this video where people for their SUDAFED REPLAY™.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SUDAFED®. I was compensated but all opinions are 100% mine.

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