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summer bucket list

What is on your Summer Bucket List?

I cannot believe Summer is already a few weeks away. I know that we will be looking for some fun outdoor activities to do this year. Now that my boys are old enough to do a lot more we need to make a Summer Bucket List that has fun activities and crafts. I tried to focus on a lot of things that my kids would particularly like to do. I am not sure how your kids are but it is a chore to even get my 2 boys to come back in the house each night. Hopefully these activities will help tire them out so that it will not be a struggle to get them to stop playing outside!

To start our Summer Bucket List I made a list of fun activities we could do in our backyard:

  1. Eat outside
  2. Sprinkler, Slip ‘n Slide & Water table
  3. Crafts
  4. Walks
  5. Lawn projects
  6. Planting
  7. Bicycle rides
  8. Lemonade Stands
  9. Play Dates with Friends

I then made a list of local places we could plan to visit and added those to our Summer Bucket List. The best part is many of them are FREE!

  1. Playgrounds & Parks
  2. Game Preserve
  3. Farms
  4. Library
  5. Walking trails
  6. Outdoor movies
  7. Science Center
  8. Museums
  9. Water Sports
  10. Pools
  11. Sports Games
  12. Picnics
  13. Theme Parks

We are lucky to have a local farm by us that has a free kid’s water area that I am sure my boys will love this year.

summer bucket list

Next, I pulled out our calendar and tried to schedule in some of these fun activities. Our Summer schedule always fills up fast with parties, vacations, weddings and other events, so I wanted to make sure that we had set dates to start crossing over activities on our Summer Bucket List.

We love hearing from you so please share the activities that are on your Summer Bucket list this year!



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