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Teaching Colors - Froot Loops Rainbow

I am always trying to find fun activities and different ways for teaching colors to my kids. Since their attention span is so short I have to make it fun otherwise they will only give me about a minute. The other morning we sat down for breakfast and decided to make a rainbow using Froot Loops cereal. Not only was it educational but they had a lot of fun making their own rainbows.

Teaching Colors – Froot Loops Rainbow

  • Froot Loops
  • Marshmallows

Since we were making the cereal into a rainbow, my kids wanted to have a “treasure” at the end. So, we used some marshmallows that we had in the pantry.

Teaching Colors - Froot Loops Rainbow


Teaching Colors - Froot Loops Rainbow

This activity allows your child to focus on grouping the different colors together. My three year old jumped right and and immediately started to make his rainbow. Even though he put them into a straight line he was able to see the difference and create numerous lines of individual Froot Loops colors. My two year old wanted my help a little bit but he quickly caught on and was able to group the similar colors together.

Teaching Colors - Froot Loops Rainbow

Teaching colors can be difficult and kids often get frusturated, but if you can make it fun they will not even realize that it is a learning activity. Our Froot Loop rainbows were the perfect morning activity. Their favorite part was probably eating the rainbow once they were finished!

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Teaching Colors - Fun Froot Loops Rainbow

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