Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas On A Budget

Are you looking for some inexpensive table setting ideas for Thanksgiving? Below you will find our list of ideas for decorating your dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner for cheap. Make sure you print our FREE Thanksgiving Menu Cards and Thanksgiving Place Cards to help dress-up your table for dinner.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas & Decorations On A Budget

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas On A Budget


Those beautifully set tables with all that food may have you pining for an elaborate Thanksgiving setting, but if you’re on a budget you may be looking at a reality of grandma’s old tablecloth and a few aluminum serving platters. Your setting does not have to suffer just because money is tight, and you can also have your Kids Help with Thanksgiving. Check out some of our table setting ideas that will make your Thanksgiving decorations look fantastic.

 5 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas & Decorating Ideas Under $75

Dress-up Your Table

It does not matter what color the tablecloth is, what material it is made of, or the condition it’s in- you need to use it for your table. Tables that are bare are boring, but tables with tablecloths instantly look dressed up. If you do not have a tablecloth use a large sheet or shop a thrift store or garage sale. You are sure to find some type of fabric you can use to cover your table or tables to set the stage for your Thanksgiving decorations.

To really jazz up the table cloth, take a brightly colored table runner and stretch it down the middle. You can use ribbons, placed next to one another, if you don’t have a runner or can’t find one for cheap. You can add in placemats, which can be made from felt sheets that you get for $0.50 each at craft stores. If you use these decorating tips you can spend less than $25 total.


Skip the flowers and go for a hollowed out mini-pumpkin ($2) filled with leaves, pine cones, and fake sunflowers. These are easy to find on the ground and in craft stores and make a huge impact for fall. You can do several centerpieces or just one, all for around $4 each.

If you want something a little larger, fill tall, thin vases (found at the Dollar Store for $1 each) with lemons and limes, or even pine cones and acorns. Wrap the vases with ribbon, tied in a large bow. These can be accomplished for around $6 each. You can save yourself a lot of money by making your own centerpiece.

Make it bright

Candles have a way of making even the dullest of rooms seem bright and cheery. To really set off the table scape, add in tealights and candles in tall, glass holders. It will give it a sense of elegance for around $4 a table and make the whole air feel sophisticated and comfortable. Lighting can really change the mood of the entire dinner. I love having candles at our dinner table, it makes the dinner more special.


Many people do not decorate the chairs, but you definitely should. Use cheap pieces of tulle to wrap around every other chair and tie them into bows. Decorate them with pine cones and leaves to bring a bit of Fall indoors in a unique way.

Add the unexpected

The plant in the corner of your room could make a great fall decoration by adding your own touch to it with ribbons, bows, tulle or any other leftover supplies you have. Your chandelier could have more life to it with a few clear beads draped through it. Don’t leave the rest of the room bare simply because the table looks nice. You can find many of these pieces already in your attic or left over from the other pieces you’ve already decorated.

One final tip- Do not forget about the food!

Food should be put on platters, not aluminum plates. To make the food look even better, place it on decorative plates, in pretty bowls, and on fancy trays. They do not even need to match.

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