6 Things A New Mom Needs

If you are pregnant or just became a mom you will definitely want to read about the 6 things a new mom needs. Below you will find some great advice!

6 Things New Moms Need

6 Things A New Mom Needs

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When I first became a mom I was clueless, excited and scared, but ready to tackle the new world of being a mommy.  Sure, I had read all the books about pregnancy, babies and how to raise them, but when the actual moment came and it was just me at home with a brand-new crying baby, I realized I was over my head. Here are 6 things that I think every new mommy needs.


6 Things A New Mom Needs:

1. Permission to Make Mistakes

No mom is completely prepared for the surprises a new baby brings. I was fortunate to have my Mom stay for several days after my babies were born to help me make the adjustment. One day she gave me the wisest few words that I’ve ever heard. She wrote a precious note and welcomed me to the world of guilt.  She wanted me to realize that no matter what I did as a mom, I would always wonder if I could have done better.

She followed that with the truth.  Do your best! Love your children!  Pray for wisdom; but realize that you will make mistakes and you will sometimes regret your actions.  New moms need to realize that there will be days you do many things right; but there are also going to be days that you get it wrong. Millions of moms have come before you and many will come after you.  Each of them will have their own problems.  Give yourself a break and realize you’re not going to be perfect.  Feel guilty if you must, but then be thankful for the things you do right.

2. A Notebook

I’m not talking about the pretty little journals with all the pages that need to be filled.  Though I do have one of these for my kids in varying stages of completion, what I’m talking about is something plain and easy to keep up with. The best thing I ever did for my children is use a no-frills Word document and just add new lines to it whenever the babies did something special.

3. New Pajamas

After experiencing nine-months of pregnancy, you just don’t feel or look your best.  The last thing I did before my due date was make sure I had some new pajamas to wear after the birth.  Sure, you’re going to be covered with baby spit up, but at least take comfort in knowing that you have at least one fresh pair of pj’s to help you feel a little more human.  When my last baby was born, my 3 year old daughter was very concerned that I have something pink to wear in the hospital.  I don’t know why it mattered to her, but she wanted to make sure Mommy wore something pretty.  Even at that young age, she understood that sometimes you just need something fresh to make you feel more normal.

4. Comfort Food

After delivery, most new Moms know the importance of working hard to get your pre-baby body back.  Yes, you want to be healthy and have all the right nutrients you need for your new baby. But if you’re nursing like I was, then there are going to be times when you are just really hungry and you really need comfort food.  After one particularly rough night with my first baby, I was craving a pimento cheese sandwich and chocolate milk.  Rather than tell me how unhealthy it was to eat in the middle of the night, my mom went to the refrigerator and fixed me something to eat.  There are going to be times when you are absolutely exhausted and all you need is something comforting.

5. Camera

Have your camera on hand and take pictures.  The days of having a newborn will fly past in a blur.  Capture as many moments with you and your baby, your spouse, friends and family members that you can. The pictures don’t have to be staged photo shoots, but take pictures because the days will go quickly and you will want to look back and appreciate the special moments.

6. Support system

One of the things that made the baby days so much better for me was the knowledge that at the end of the day my husband would be home and I would get a break.  Sometimes the break would only be a three minute shower or a ten minute nap before my baby needed to eat again.  But have someone on hand ready to step in give you a much needed break.

Being a new mom is the hardest thing I have ever done; but it is by far the most rewarding.


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