Home Decorating Ideas – 50 Ways to Transform your Home for Less Than $100

home decorating ideas

Are you looking for new home decorating ideas for cheap?

Here is the second article from my guest blogger Gail Wright at Home. If you missed last weeks, or would like to read more about Gail, click HERE.

50 Ways to Transform your Home for Less Than $100

For less than the price of a night on the town, you can give your home a new lease on life. Discover 50 ways to makeover your home for less than $100. Most of the ideas are effortless and can be completed in less than a day! Let us know in the comments if you have any cheap home decorating ideas.

Home Decorating Ideas:

1. Hire a designer for an hour – bringing in another set of eyes can give you a whole new perspective on your home. It’s a great way to set a long term plan for your house, then you can slowly chip away at it. As you can afford more things, you can apply those ideas. Contact me for more info!

2. Paint the walls – always an instant and easy way to change a room

3. Replace old hardware on kitchen and bath cabinets. Buy some home magazines for inspiration

5. Raise your curtains rods higher – This makes a huge difference. So many people hang their rods right above their window. If you hang them right below the ceiling or molding it makes your windows appear much grander and makes your room feel taller. Try it and you’ll see what I mean!

6. Change window coverings

7. Rearrange furniture

8. Hang some new inexpensive artwork

9. Recover you sofa with an inexpensive slipcover

10. Buy new pillow covers

11. Add different textures – mix and match textures in pillows and throws for a more eclectic look

12. Paint your old cabinets

13. Buy a new duvet and slip it right over your existing comforter

14. Add some new throw pillows to your bed

15. Clear out the clutter – organize your closet, donate or sell things you don’t need

16. Make an art “collage” frame some small inexpensive art or personal photos and display them in a cluster on one wall

17. Add dimmers to bright lights

18. Replace old fixtures such as faucets, shower heads, lighting, and outlet covers

19. Add flowers and plants to the rooms you spend the most time in

20. Paint an old piece of furniture —>21. Add a new table setting to your kitchen table with a few new placemats, a runner, or napkins

22. Edible Decorations – find a series of glass vases, wicker baskets or other containers that you really like and create several centerpieces filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. These items are easy to find, inexpensive, and you can actually use them too.

23. Shelving – add some inexpensive shelving to any room to display items that you love24. New slipcovers or seat cushions for kitchen stools or chairs25. Make your own headboard for your bed with some fabric, plywood, foam padding, and a staple gun26. Replace that old shower curtain and bath rug27. Get new hand towels to display in the bathroom and kitchen28. Use several small mirrors hung together rather than purchasing one large expensive mirror29. Replace old lamp shades with new ones, it will make it look like a brand new lamp

30. Use natural objects as accessories. They are beautiful, go with every décor, and don’t cost a penny! Display a gnarled hunk of driftwood or a pretty bowl of pine cones. Shells that you have found on the beach are always a staple too. —>31. Get a little more organized and a make your own bulletin board out of cardboard, fabric, and ribbon32. Paint your front door a different color – red on a door is considered good luck in the ancient Chinese tradition of feng shui.33. Add solar lights along flower beds or the walk leading up to your front door. Solar lights are not only eco-friendly; they create a gentle, welcoming glow at night. Most designs are as easy to install as pushing a stake into the ground.
34. Have your carpet professionally cleaned or hardwood floors refinished35. Re-stain any wood decks or porches36. Plant new flowers in the yard37. Start a garden38. Replace old windows one at a time – a standard size double hung window is roughly $10039. Change the pictures in your frames40. Barter – Can’t sew? Hate to paint? Talk to friends and relatives that can help. Maybe you make the best cheesecake on the planet. Trade one for some sewing tasks or painting labor41. Paint tile or paneling – If your bathroom is outfitted with outdated ceramic tile, there are plenty of paints designed to cover ceramic tile or faux tile paneling. It will look great and be far cheaper than installing new tile.42. Cover up your ugly carpet and make your own area rug with carpet tiles43. Take a free decorating class at home stores such as Pottery Barn or Home Depot for some do-it-yourself home improvementshome
44. Use a bold wallpaper to cover just one wall in a room

45. Add new crown molding in a room46. Add a backsplash on the counter walls in the kitchen

47. Add a ceiling fan to any room with an overhead light fixture

48. Use more candles

49. Set out pretty or well read books on end tables, but only a few so it doesn’t look too cluttered

50. Layer your fabric. Add one more fabric to your tables, layer several towels over each other in your bath and kitchen, add another layer to your window such as bamboo shades or silk drapery, or throw a quilt or coverlet on your bed.

Share some of your savvy home decorating ideas in the comments below!

Thanks,  Gail Wright Home and thank you BHG for the photots!!
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  1. You have shared great tips here. I know that A wall paint, little wallpaper or colorful accents could make such a big difference in your home. But how to do all this in the budget is difficult to find out. I really appreciate the work you have done here.

  2. I agree with your statement that “For less than the price of a night on the town, you can give your home a new lease on life. Discover 50 ways to makeover your home for less than $100. Most of the ideas are effortless and can be completed in less than a day”. Thanks for sharing such an informative information.

  3. These are some of the best tips i have read on the internet, very detailed and well presented article. some of the tips like edible decoration can be difficult but if pulled of correctly can look very authentic.

  4. Hey!!I found your article well and interesting as is has given the best and cheaper ways of decorating the home..
    How can this in cheaper budget can resolve ones problem in such an easy and interesting tips!!

  5. All of these are unique and great tips, I love them all. I think many homeowners would be amazed at how transformative a simple thing like moving furniture around can be for their homes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow, you’ve done your research! These ideas not only useful but most of them are really cheap to be done. It is time to redo my walls soon, choosing a new color will totally change the mood of my Living room. Buying new pillow covers is also a good idea as well using more candles. 🙂 That one sets the romantic ambiance as well!

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