Savvy Decor and Design Ideas under $50


Are you looking for some cheap Design Ideas for home?

I mentioned before that I will be having a guest blogger post articles about designing on a budget, DIY decorations, organization and eating on a budget. Well today is the first one!! I am extremely excited about this! Gail is a woman I went to school with who has her own blog, Gail Wright At Home, that covers topics including cooking, party planning and money saving practices. Throughout the next few weeks Gail will be sharing some great articles that will SAVE YOU MONEY!!



My name is Gail Fedela. Yes, that’s right. It is not Gail Wright. At least, not yet! I am engaged and soon to be married to “Mr. Wright” and I am jumping the gun on the name because frankly, it just works. Wright at Home is my vision and “everything home” is my passion. My love for interior design developed when I was very young and has grown to include cooking, gardening, remodeling, party planning, holidays, you name it. Just call me your Modern Martha Stewart. (Gail Wright At Home)



Savvy Décor and Design Ideas under $50

Lamp Rev

Think of a lamp and its shade as separates. Change the shade, and you have a whole new look. All you need is a yard of fabric and some fabric glue and you plain lamp instantly becomes the highlight of the room.

Tea Time Flowers

Use teapots and teacups as vases. Put fresh cut flowers into several and leave them clustered on the table as your centerpiece.

Pretty Pillows

Pillows are an instant and affordable way to decorate a room. Take a neutral palette and give it life with colorful fabrics and texture. Use pillows as an opportunity to accentuate a color in room or to introduce a contemporary element to a traditional room.



Shower Refresh

A new shower curtain is a simple way to update a bathroom, often the most overlooked room when it comes to decorating. A fabric curtain presents a more luxurious look than a plastic one. (Team it with a liner behind.) Choose colors that complement your towels and other bath accessories.

Debut New Hardware

Refresh kitchen cabinets with new hardware. This is an easy way to give an old kitchen a new look without breaking the bank.

Stick to It

Wall decals add instant art without the expense or commitment of wallpaper. Try white on a colored wall or colored on a white wall for extra pop. Search online for millions of different styles or you can even design your own.

Making Memories

Create personalized art with a shadow box or “collector’s frame.” Pin in vintage family photos, memorabilia, pins, ribbons, postcards, etc., to create a “story.” Or pick a theme, such as spring garden, first home, or sports moments.

Photo Gallery

Convert photos you want to group on a wall to all black-and-white photos. They’ll look more artistic, dramatic, and cohesive.

Brighten Up Lamps

Give an old lamp new life. Spray-paint the base a bold, glossy color. The lamp will look 10 times more expensive than it is and be unique to your home.


Nothing wakes up a room like accessorizing with fresh greens or flowers. One of my favorite places to “shop” for live arrangements is in my own yard. Simple large leaves such as hostas and ferns create laid-back elegance. Have the kids help you collect wildflowers, pine cones, or anything else beautiful in the yard.

Wow with Wallpaper

Nothing adds dimension and pattern like wallpaper, but even one roll can be pricey. To cut costs, focus your project to the backs of bookshelves and use high-quality gift wrap instead of wallpaper. The paper can be applied just like wallpaper, using wallpaper paste. (If you’re noncommittal, I’ve found that double-stick tape or 3M hanging strips also work wonderfully.) At about $8 per roll, you won’t feel guilty about the little spruce-up and can change your mind later on.

Chic Soap

Instead of keeping dish soap and other items in plastic packaging on the countertop, buy a pretty dispenser. A bonus is that you can buy bulk and just keep on refilling.

Open Cabinetry for Less

Love the look of open shelving but not able to rip out cabinets? Remove the doors, then paint or wallpaper the backs of the cabinets with a contrasting color


Refresh Your Furniture

A matching bedroom set can be boring, but it’s usually the less-expensive route. So go ahead and match, then add your personal touch by painting the bed or one piece of the furniture or changing out the hardware.


A Colorful Welcome

Your home should make a statement so pick a bold door color and paint it in a semi-gloss or gloss paint. This is a simple change that makes a dramatic difference to your curb appeal. You can even paint both the front and the back of the door so it’s beautiful on both sides.

Thanks Gail Wright At Home for this great article and thank you to BHG for the photos!! If you enjoyed reading about these wonderful

design ideas

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