Thrifty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Jar of Love

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Not sure what to give your significant other this year for Valentine’s Day? On a tight budget? Here is a great homemade idea!

My cousin made this for his girlfriend as a Christmas gift this year and I thought that it would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Thrifty Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Jar of Love

This gift can be altered to make it more personal, but all you really need is a jar of some kind. It can even be a food jar that has been cleaned out or a big mason jar.

You can choose to either decorate the jar or just place a ribbon on it. Then, get a sheet of paper and start writing down all of the things you love about that person. List your favorite qualities or memories. My cousin has a long distance relationship so he did 365 messages and different things he loves about his girlfriend so that she could read a different one each day. I thought that it was the sweetest thing ever!

You do not have to do 365 of them, you could do as many as you like! That’s what is so great about this Valentine’s Day gift, you can make it personal while not spending any money!

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  1. I’d never seen anyone else do this before…I did pretty much the same thing for our first anniversary, except I put Hershey’s hugs and kisses in the jar also. I used notecards cut in half and then folded so they would be sturdy, and I put the chocolate on top of the messages. 🙂 The gift was a hit and way more personal than some romantic gifts

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