Time Management Tips: Having A Newborn

Below you will find some great time management tips for when you have an infant at home. Many new parents feel the pressure of time whether it is time to get chores done that were easy to do before or making the most of the limited time away from work.  Having a baby truly ushers in a new reality for new parents and an active approach to time management is necessary in order to establish a new family routine.  The following are a few time management tips to consider as you acclimate to life with your bundle of joy.

Time Management Tips for a Newborn

Time Management Tips

Although I am not a new parent, I forgot how hard it is to establish a new routine and balance my time. Not only is it hard to accomplish anything because I am exhausted all the time but finding a way to manage my time with my other kids is difficult as well. I cherish every moment with each one of my kids and if it was up to me I would just sit and play with them all day. Since that is unrealistic I have come up with a few time management tips that will hopefully help you juggle everything in your life while still finding some time for yourself.

Time Management Tips When You Have A Newborn:

Find a way to outsource a chore or activity that provides the least amount of satisfaction or takes the most amount of time.  For example, if getting ahead of the laundry seems like a daunting task, hire a laundry service for a few weeks to ease the burden and give back some precious time to spend with your new baby. I know that this is an extra cost, so if you cannot afford it then ask one of your close friends or family members to pitch in a little bit. When I had a baby everyone was willing to help out in any way possible. Utilize the help while you cam.

Don’t be ashamed to take help from friends and family but make sure that you are in control. This will assure that the help is adding value as you ease into a revised schedule that caters almost exclusively to the little one.  If you need an hour to take a shower or a nap, see if a family member will come over and sit with the baby while you have a little time to yourself.

Be flexible.  Babies, especially newborns, don’t care about your schedule.  You will find yourself frustrated and upset if you can’t approach situations with the ability to embrace change and find the silver lining.  So if your baby refuses to be interested in going on a walk in the stroller, consider changing plans to have quiet time at home while you read a book and listen to kids music. If you have more than one child this does not always work out unless your newborn happens to fall asleep during their nap time. I would suggest just taking it easy throughout the day. You cannot plan to get everything done in one day especially during those first few weeks.

Lastly, don’t feel like you have to be super Mom (or Dad).  Admit that you can’t get it all done and be honest with yourself when your priorities shift (and rightfully so).  At the end of a long day, the house may not be spotless but a clean, happy, fed and smiling baby will bring you so much more joy than a spotless kitchen floor.

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