Tips For Flying With Kids

Flying with kids can be stressful. If you are planning an upcoming trip and will be flying with your kids then read below to learn about some tips that can save you —–

Tips For Flying With Kids

So, you have your trip all planned out and you are so excited! Until you start thinking about the flight. The flight, where you have to make sure your children are quiet, polite and well behaved. The flight, where you do not want to become the most hated family in airline history. Now you begin to panic! How can you possibly keep the kids happy and quiet for the entire flight? Do not worry, we have some tips for flying with kids that will ease your mind and have other passengers amazed by your lovely, angelic children! (wink, wink)

Flying With Kids:

My first suggestion is to try to fly during the hours that your children are sleeping. This makes life easier for everyone and is one of the simplest solutions. If that is not possible then have some quiet, fun activities ready to go. If you have an iPad or other tablet make sure to load up on fun apps or movies for the kids. This can provide hours of quiet time entertainment because of the wide variety of apps available.

Bring fun snacks. Chewing will help relieve pressure in their ears. Make sure you pack snacks that they will enjoy especially if you are unsure if they will eat the food provided on the plane. The same thing applies for TV. If there is TV on your flight and your child is content with watching it for hours and hours, don’t argue with them. Flying with your kid’s is not something you do every day so slacking off a little on diet and entertainment rules are okay.

Tips For Flying With Kids

Get a small carry on bag for your child and fill it with fun things. Travel games, crayons, paper, snacks, juice boxes, coloring books and small toys are great. Do not let them open the travel activity kits until you are in the air. They will enjoy the fun little surprise you prepared for them. This bag of fun should also help to provide a few hours of fun that isn’t noisy.

Unless you are flying with an infant, explain to your kids the behavior that you expect from them. Be firm but fair and flexible with them. It is not fun for a child to sit still for hours on end and be quiet, so try to be patient. Give them lots of things to do, share some activities with them and everyone on the plane, including you, will be pleasantly surprised by how great they are.

Even though you have no idea what can happen when flying with kids at least some preparation may help to alleviate some of the stress.


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