Tips For Potty Training On The Go

Potty training on the go can be difficult.

Tips for Potty Training on the Go

Potty training is overwhelming, even for seasoned parents, and potty training on the go will make you just about choose a life of seclusion to avoid the drama and mess, but potty training doesn’t have to tie you to the toilet. Here are some great tips on how to potty train while on the go.

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Tips For Potty Training On The Go:

Introduce your child to public restrooms

Admit it- you don’t like public bathrooms and they frighten you a bit. There is an etiquette about them that doesn’t exist at home and that can be confusing to adults, so imagine what a newbie to the potty thinks and feels. Intro

duce them to the public restroom scene long before you start potty training by taking them in with you. This will get them ready for going comfortably when it’s their turn at the seat.

The first time I had to take my son into a public restroom for him to use at Target, he was terrified. The noise of the toilets flushing frightened him. I wish I would have taken the time to restroom with me a few time prior to potty training him.


Go prepared

Folding potty seats, extra undies, extra clothing, baby wipes, and hand sanitizer would be in every potty training bag. Pack it ahead of time, hang it where you won’t forget it, and don’t leave home without it. This will make you calmer while potty training a toddler while out in public, which helps them get the hang of it faster and easier. Plus, it makes the whole experience simpler.

I actually put a small potty chair in my car and still have it in their because we go to the park and other places that do not always have bathrooms. It is convenient and I know we will not have an accident if I have it with me.

potty training on the go


Make frequent stops

Sure, they just went 10 minutes ago, but they may have to go again. Remember when you were pregnant with your little bundle of joy and you reached a point where your bladder would only hold out for about 20 minute blocks of time before you were waddling as fast as you could to the nearest commode? Remember that feeling and think about what your child may be experiencing. Even if they do not need to go, they will get used to the idea of going while not at home, which speeds up the process.

It is also a good idea to take them whenever you have the chance just in case you get stuck in traffic or in your car longer than you anticipated.

 Best Potty Training Books


If you are just starting out potty training your child then read over our 3-day method or take a look at the book Potty Train in a Weekend and print our potty training chart. Also, take a look at our Potty Training Myths Debunked and Potty Training The Second Time.

Do you have any potty training on the go tips, please share in the comments below.

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