Keep Kids Active this Summer

kids active

Tips to Keep your Kids Active

Are you struggling with ways to keep your kids active this Summer? The incredible technology of today has become a bit of a double-edged sword for all of us parents. Although video games, computers and television can certainly stimulate our kid’s minds and help them to grow, they can also keep them sedentary throughout the summer months. Keeping kids active when they are not at school has become a focus in recent years. Although my kids are younger and have yet to get into a lot of the new technology they could still spend an entire day in front of the television if I allowed them to. I am constantly worrying about everything I do now and how it will affect their future. Growing up, we never had access to everything they have now so we were always active and outside. Here are some tips to ensure your kids stay active and get their fill of summer fun away from an LCD screen:

Ways to keep your kids active:

Set the example

If Mom and Dad are couch potatoes, then guess what the kids will be? Get off that butt and move around. Head to the park, ride a bike or simply go outside and play tag with the kids. It will not only help them but you as well.


Get rid of the television

Although it might seem a bit extreme, you might consider removing the televisions that are in their rooms for the summer to help keep your kids active. Keep the one in the living area because you can at least control how much time they are using it in there. If the kids have a television in their room, they are going to be much less likely to go outside and play. I am sure you can all relate when I say how frustrating it can be when you do get really into watching a show and then cannot see the ending. If you do not let them even start to watch it then there will not be this problem especially if your kid has a meltdown because they wanted to finish watching a particular episode.


Make it a group effort

Involve as many friends and family in your summer fun as possible. Some of the best memories that I had as a child were when the entire family got together and joined in different outdoor games and activities. Give your kids the chance to socialize in that way and they will become naturally active. Play dates are great to keep kids active!


Join a league

Sign up your kid for a sport that fascinates them such as soccer, baseball, football or softball. There are literally thousands of things out there like that if you look. Check with local recreation centers and the schools and you will find something for sure. Just be certain that they are interested in the actual sport first. Our local area actually has a Summer recreation program which is wonderful. They separate the kids by age groups and go to different parks. Not only do they get to socialize and play but they will do crafts and games with them as well.


Walk where you are going

Every chance you get during the summer, you should walk where you are going to help keep your kids active. Whether you are going to the store, park, sporting event or simply walking to enjoy the weather, your kid will benefit a great deal from the fresh air and aerobic exercise. It also gives you a great chance to listen to your kid. That is something we all could do more of to learn about what they are up to.

kids active

Check out how to make a Summer Bucket List and Ways to Save Money this Summer. There are some great outdoor activity ideas as well as saving money by cutting back yourself! What ways do you keep your kids active, please share.

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  1. I love these ideas… especially getting rid of the tv! I’ve thought about it for a long time, but haven’t had the guts to do it yet. I completely agree that keeping active is essential to a good summer vacation. This summer, I am trying a DIY summer camp (and blogging about it) and so far, my kids are having a great time!
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  2. Yea sport is one of the greatest medium to be active. Lovely thinking. Exceptional & innovative also. Keep up the great job. Thanks for sharing.

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