5 Unique Baby Shower Games

You and your guests will love these unique baby shower game ideas!


Here are 5 unique baby shower games that you can use for your next shower. Keeping your guests entertained can be difficult at a baby shower. Each of the games below are easy and fun!

Unique Baby Shower Games

Baby Showers can be tons of fun and one of my favorite parts of attending them is the Fun Baby Shower Games.  After years of helping throw baby showers and attending those of my friends, I have come up with 5 unique baby shower games to share with you.  I hope you find this list different and fun for your upcoming shower as well as budget friendly.

5 Unique Baby Shower Games:

Pop The Balloon.  Before the party put numbered slips in each balloon prior to blowing it up.  Make sure to have duplicates of these numbers to draw from a hat/bowl/bag later.  Tie a balloon on the back of each chair.  At the end of the shower have everyone pop their balloon to find their “number”.  Draw 1-3 numbers and give out prizes to those with matching numbers.  You can then give small gifts like lotions, kitchen items or even low value gift cards as a prize to the winners.

Guess The Baby’s Weight.  Prior to Shower have the mother to be guess what the baby’s weight will be when it is born and write that down on a slip of paper to be sealed in an envelope until the shower time.  Give each person who attends a piece of paper to write their name and their guess on during the shower.  Announce what the mother’s guess was and see who is closest by ounce to her guess.  That person(s) will be the winner.

Here are some really fun and unique baby shower games to play. A lot of people get bored at baby showers, so it is important that you keep your guests entertained with these unique game ideas

Gender Reveal Piñata.  For those who are doing a Gender Reveal party rather than a traditional Baby Shower, fill a Baby Themed piñata with either pink or blue candies and have attendees take a “whack” at it in hopes of breaking it to find out what gender the baby to be is.

Don’t Say Baby Game.  The goal of this game is for attendees to not say the word “baby” during the shower.  When each person arrives give them a diaper pin to pin on their shirt.  Anytime an attendee hears someone else say the word “Baby” they can take that persons pin and add to their shirt.  The winner is the person who has the most diaper pins on their shirt at the end of the shower.

Give Mama AdviceThis is a great and easy way to help encourage your mother to be and personalize the shower.  You can print out our FREE Mommy Advice Cards. Give each attendee one to put their words of advice on for the expectant mom.  It can be something they think the mom should know about labor, postpartum issues, sleepless nights, colic or simply an encouraging word with a phone number to call when the new mom needs to vent.  Have each attendee sign their name to these notes and leave for the mom to be at the end of the shower.


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Do you know of any unique baby shower games, please share with us in the comments below!

You and your guests will love these unique baby shower game ideas!

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  1. For 2 games in one, I purched a small basket and filled it with items such as travel size wipes, baby shampo and body wash, diaper ointment, pacifier, teethers, links or other small toys, a book, baby utensils, etc. For the first game, I weighed the basket of gifts and had guests write down a guess as to how much it was and the closest person won. They could lift the basket before guessing, but couldn’t pull items out. For the second game, I used some of the same items for the common “guess the price” game. I had small prizes for the winners and mom-to-be got the basket of goodies. You could make this as big or small as your budget allows based on basket size.

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