Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Are you looking for fun yet unique pregnancy announcement ideas? Instead of just telling everyone the exciting news, use one of the unique ideas below.

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 Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You’re having a baby- congrats! Now, how do you tell everyone? Of course you could just text them all a picture of the positive pregnancy test or announce it on Facebook, but that is very impersonal. Instead, try one of these fun ways.


4 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas:


If you have family out of town, mail them a package of cheap ornaments. List your name, your partner’s name, and any other children on the ornaments (one for each person) and add in an extra for the new baby. Leave a note that explains “The owl is for Annie, born Oct. 3, 2008” and so on until you cover everyone. Then, write “The duck is for Baby Smith, set to be here June 1, 2014! SURPRISE!” This is a fun way to tell grandparents about baby, but if you want to hear the excitement make sure they call you before they open the package. If family is in town, just take the package to them and watch the surprised look. Make sure your camera is ready!

Let the Kids Do the Talking

Have other children? Have them wear shirts that say “I’m the Big___” insert brother/sister/both on the shirt. Take pics of them and send them out to friends and family. Or, you can have them draw pictures of what they think their new baby brother or sister will look like and send those to grandparents with a note saying “Annie thinks the new baby will look like this when he/she is born. What do you think?”

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Line up a pair of your shoes, your partner’s shoes, and any for your children. Then, add in a pair of baby booties and take a picture. Caption it with “More little feet coming soon” or, if you want to be funny, “We’re going to need more closet space!” This is a really cute way to announce your pregnancy without saying a word. For friends on social media, post a picture of your weight loss or one of you in a bikini and caption it with “These are about to turn into BABY BUMP pictures” and let people figure it out. Some will get it right away, which may help others get the point, too.

Baby’s First Bear

Buy or build a teddy bear and dress it in a t-shirt with a “?” mark on it. Give a “bear birth certificate” to the grandparents with a note that says “When we find out if baby is a boy or girl, you can name his/her first bear on this birth certificate.” To really add to the fun of this gift, do a gender reveal party and have them bring the bear (or bears) to the party to name it at the event after the gender is revealed.

Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas: Surprise your Friends and Family by using one of these fun ways to announce your pregnancy!

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