Updates About My Book Breakthrough + FREE BONUSES!

If you do not yet know I recently announced that I am releasing my new book Breakthrough: The Complete Guide to Growing Your Platform & Blogging Your Way to a Full-Time Income on June 15th! Ahh!! It is only 10 days away!!

I wrote this book to help people learn how to develop a blog foundation that will create a successful blog. To tell you the truth, I am scared! It is hard putting myself out there and releasing a book about blogging. I was afraid to share it with my fellow blogger friends and I almost was just going to consider never releasing the book.


Now that the book is ALMOST here I am excited about its launch. All this is possible because of your support and encouragement. THANK YOU!! I really do appreciate all of the encouraging words and emails I have received from all of you.

But, I wanted to let you know that anyone who purchases the book during launch week will receive FREE BONUSES sent directly to your inbox! Plus, you can check out a sample of the book right now.

Head over to Simply Blogging Along and see what bonuses you can get along with reading the first two chapters of the book!

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