Valentine’s Day Stuck On Love Notes – Free Printable

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Want to show your loved ones just how much you are about them? Print these FREE sticky note templates to stick all over your house, in lunch boxes, or any other special place to show how much you care. This is a cute idea for Valentine’s Day without having to spend any money!

This FREE printable has 6 different templates you can use. Plus, you can print them as many times as you want! Follow the easy instructions below and surprise the people you love this Valentine’s Day with these cute little love notes.


Stuck On Love Notes – FREE Printable!

1. First, print this blank template. You will use this as your guide to place the sticky notes onto.

Blank Stuck On You Love Notes Printable


2. Next, place any kind of 3×3 sticky notes inside each square on the guide you just printed from above. Feed it into your printer sticky side first.

3. Print the Stuck On Love Notes printable so that they print right onto your sticky notes!

Stuck On You Love Notes Printable

4. Write a special message on the note or stick them as-is everywhere!

These are really cute to use as a special note in your child’s lunch box. Not only are they perfect for Valentine’s Day but they are easy to print.


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