Water Activities for Kids

Water activities for kids are a great way to keep your kids entertained this summer while being outside.
Water Activities For Kids
What do your kids like to do for fun during the summer? My kids love anything that involves them playing outside, but hands down, anything involving water is the winner. I can’t blame them. Nothing feels as good on a hot summer day then doing something where they can get wet. The water gives them a much needed cool off and they have tons of fun. Here are ideas for fun water activities for kids.


Fun Water Activities for Kids:

1.Grab some buckets and big sponges from the dollar store. You need 2 buckets and 1 sponger per child. Each child gets a sponge, an empty bucket and a bucket filled with cool water. Using only the sponge, the first child to transfer the water from one bucket to the other is the winner. If only 1 child is playing, set a timer and see if they can beat the time you set.


2.Water balloon dodgeball is always fun. Fill up lots of balloons with water so each child has an equal amount. Tell the kids that they need to dodge their opponents water balloons because once all the balloons have been thrown, the driest child wins.
Water Activities For Kids


3.If you have little ones, getting hit with a water balloon may not seem like fun. Get a small inflatable pool and fill it with cool water and water toys and play in the water with them.


4.Water gun tag (or spray bottles with an adjustable nozzle) is a great water game. Give one child a water gun filled with cool water and teach them how to play water tag. Whichever child gets sprayed first is “it”. They now get the water gun and it’s their turn to try to catch someone to be “it”.


5.Blow up a different color balloon for each child and have them line up for a water gun balloon race. Then give each child a water gun and have them put their balloon on the grass and get on their hands and knees. They will use the water from the water gun to “push” their balloon to the finish line. The first child to reach the finish line using only water to push their balloon wins.
Water Activities For Kids


Kids love mostly anything to do with water or getting wet during the summer. Going to the beach or pool is fun but there are so many great water activities that your kids can do right in their own backyard. The best part is your kids will have a great time and you won’t have to spend lots of money!


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Share in the comments below some of your fun water activities for kids that you and your children like to enjoy!

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  1. Great list! My kids love playing with water in the summer. Luckily it’s still warm enough here this week so I will break out some of these ideas! thanks!

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