Ways to Stay Focused on Your New Years Resolution

What was your New Years Resolution this year? Did you make one? Every year people make that vow- This year will be different! This year I will lose weight, make more money, save more money, be a better person, and all the things I tried (but failed at) in the past. Read below to find some motivational tactics that will help keep you focused on your resolution.


Ways to Stay Focused on your New Years Resolution

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4 Ways To Stay Focused On Your New Years Resolution


There may be a reason you have failed- and will continue to fail… you aren’t staying motivated! Here are four simple tips that can help you (finally) achieve those New Years Resolutions you want to complete.


Make your goals specific and realistic

What does your goal specifically say? Is it to “lose weight” or “save money”? If so, you’re already doing it wrong. You should always start with something a little bit more concrete that is easy to focus on. For example, list your goal as “lose 10 pounds before March 1” or “get ready to run a marathon by July 15.” If saving money is your thing, list an amount! You need to be able to see that your efforts are paying off and the only way to do that is to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve. Once you’ve made them, write them down! You need to be reminded daily what you’re working so hard for. {Make sure you check out our 52 Week Money Challenge and print our FREE Monthly Budget Template}


Stop overloading!

We all do it, so don’t be too bummed, but you need to stop overloading yourself with goals. Choose one goal at a time and achieve that. This doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight and save money (hey, you’re going to need some cash for a new skinny wardrobe), but that you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by all of your goals. For example, eating right and working out could make you feel very restrictive. So, try eating a healthier breakfast and adding in cardiovascular exercises. Then, build from there to achieve an overall goal of “getting healthy” in the new year. List your goals, one by one, on a dry erase board and mark them off as you achieve them. This will help you see that you are getting somewhere.

Plan ahead and Plan accordingly

You want to run a marathon in June next year, so why wait until January to make a plan for it? You should be starting that plan in January, not making it! Start your plan in December, but the things you’ll need, and get yourself mentally prepared for the changes that are about to come. Jumping right in, with no plan, no support, and not thought, leads to failure. Don’t overload yourself with the plan, either. Start with small steps and add to them as you complete them. Write down your plan, share it with a friend, and get feedback. The more secure you are in this plan, the more motivation you’ll have to actual stick to it.

Stay focused, re-energize, and Stay calm

Too often we let the small things weigh us down. Don’t! Plan for those set-backs when you make your initial resolution plan and devise ways to get back on track. Remember everyone stumbles, and you may have just had a huge fall, but you can get back up and refocus. Revisit your plan, revisit your goals, and picture yourself achieving them to stay on task. Ask friends and family for support and help, and make things happen! Keep a journal of your journey and when you think you can’t keep going, reread it to see how far you’ve come.

What New Years Resolutions have you made, did you stick to it, please share in the comments below.

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