What is a Link Party?

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to Pat, from Mom’s Morning Coffee, who will be sharing all about link parties and how you can use them to benefit your blog.


What is a link party? Is it useful? Will it help me grow my blog. Find out all your questions about link parties and start to grow you blog's traffic.

So you have your blog started. You’re busy writing content: great stuff, if you do say so yourself. But it looks like you’re the only one saying that right now…

‘Cause nobody’s looking at it! {{sigh}}


Whether you’re blogging to ramp up a bricks-and-mortar business, your Etsy store, or your own blog, if your goal is to make money online, traffic is essential to crafting a successful blog. And it is a craft. Yet just as any true craftsman works not only for his or her own satisfaction, but to bring joy to others, you have to figure out the most effective way of bringing your message to the masses as well!

There are many ways to accomplish that, but there is one format that meets the goal while combining fun and fellowship (and ok, it may be slightly addictive, too!) along the way – the link party!


What IS a Link Party?

Link parties are known by many names. Also referred-to as link ups, link shares, blog parties, or blog carnivals, they all serve a few inter-related purposes.

At their simplest form, they are:

  1. A great source of traffic. At a link party, you are basically adding links to one or more pieces of your amazing content on someone else’s blog for their readers (and other bloggers) to find. You then take a few minutes to visit a few other posts that pique your interest, and hopefully leave a comment or two.

Digging a little deeper, you’ll find that link parties:

  1. Establish relationships. It may sound funny, but after awhile, you get to “know” your party hosts. When you leave comments, and they respond, a give-and-take begins (as in any relationship) that may develop into something deeper and mutually beneficial. Guest post opportunities, co-ventures, affiliate relationships…these are just some of the possibilities that may present themselves over time.
  1. Provide interesting content for your readers. Your readers will have access to a TON of new content! This establishes you as a great source of information and interest to your readers, and a source of traffic to the bloggers who come to the party.


Link Party Etiquette

As with any party, there are rules of etiquette to follow that will endear you to your hosts and participants:

  • Leave your BEST stuff! The content you leave will be a reflection of your host to her readers, and attract and engage new readership for you, so you want to put your best foot forward! Related to this, make sure you have “Pin-able” images. Whether or not you’re on Pinterest, the rest of the world is. And very often, party hosts will pin their features on a board created just for that purpose. You may be shooting yourself in the foot if you have a terrific post without an outstanding image.
  • Make sure you read and follow your host’s rules. Some parties limit you to 2 or 3 links, others give you free reign; some parties are social media related, where you leave the link to your FB page, or Twitter or Pinterest account. Others are for recipes only, or crafts only or DIY only… It shows carelessness and a distinctly unprofessional air to breeze through and leave an unrelated post. Plus, it’s a little rude.
  • Visit and comment on a few other blogs. Let them know where you found them. Read their posts and leave something “real.” We all love comments, right? And sincere feedback encourages engagement and helps to build those friendly blogging-buddy relationships.


Hosting Your Own Link Party

So, this sounds sweet and simple enough, and you’re rarin’ to host your own and get movin’, right?! But WAIT!

Getting started isn’t hard, but it’s a good idea to make sure you spend some time being a participant before you dive in. We attended blog parties for about 4 months before we ever started our own. During that time we got to know a few hostesses and, when we were ready, sent them emails inviting them to our brand new party and asking them to spread the word, too. Because we had established ourselves as “the real deal” to them, they were happy to join us, and provided a much-needed base of contributors as we got started.

If you’re interested in understanding the nuts-and-bolts of hosting your own Link Party, sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter through this link and request our easy-peasey check-list to help you navigate the steps to participating in and hosting your own Link Parties.

(And, of course, you’re invited to share your best stuff over at our own weekly link-party, Coffee & Conversation, every Wednesday!)

Let’s get the party started! 



Pat-headshot-smallerPat Fenner is a wife to one, mother to five, sister, cousin, friend, and neighbor; a teacher, writer, and ex-barista, homeschooling has been at the heart of her ministry for many years. Using everything from boxed curriculum to scrounged library books and used materials, she has learned that all of them are worthless unless we have captured the hearts of our children.

Attempting to gather together her own experiences for the benefit of those just getting started, she began Help-4-Your-Homeschool. com, exclusively written about homeschooling. With a growing heart for moms “in the trenches,” she now owns and writes on homeschooling, parenting, and faith for the website Mom’s Morning Coffee. You can also find her on FacebookPinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


What is a link party? Is it useful? Will it help me grow my blog. Find out all your questions about link parties and start to grow you blog's traffic.

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