What Is Amazon Prime


What is Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime

Now that we have 3 boys it can be difficult to make it to the store all the time. This has resulted in my Amazon addiction… can you be addicted to Amazon?

Well, I just googled it and let me tell you I am not alone on this! Anyways, my addiction to Amazon started last year when I signed up as an Amazon mom and you get all the benefits of being an Amazon Prime member plus more.

When I first signed up I did not know all of the benefits or perks. I was really excited about the 2-day shipping that they offered because I hate having to wait a long time to receive a package. I was shocked to see that the annual fee for Amazon Prime was $99…yikes! {Updated 3/21/14 – Amazon changed the price from $79 to $99} So, since I had signed up as an Amazon Mom 3-month trial offer I thought why not give it a shot and see if it would be worth that price tag. Here is what you get with Amazon Prime.

What is Amazon Prime? Perks:

  • 2-Day Shipping on all prime items
  • Unlimited Instant Streaming of 41,000 movies and TV shows
  • Access to over 350,000 Kindle Titles to borrow for FREE

What Is Amazon Prime

You also have the option for a 30 day Amazon Prime Free Trial to try it out and see if it is right for you. Just remember to cancel your membership otherwise you are billed automatically to the card you provide them with.

Amazon pretty much sells everything. You can find great prices on toiletries, food, diapers, school supplies and much more. You can even create an Amazon Baby Registry. After my trial was up I realized that it was definitely a good deal for me because I do a lot of online shopping. This is when my Amazon Addiction really kicked in!

This past Christmas I did the majority of my shopping online. It was the BEST shopping season EVER. I never had to leave the house, wait in long lines or deal with miserable people. I can tell you that the $79 was definitely worth it for as much money I would have spent on shipping costs otherwise. I am sure our UPS driver was not as happy as I was getting all of the packages. Also, I was able to order gifts up until the Sunday before Christmas because of the 2-day shipping without having to pay any quicker shipping costs.

Amazon Prime has the option for you to subscribe & save which gives you a discount for having a set order. Although Amazon does not always have the best price you can find some really great deals. I make sure to price check ahead of time so that I know if I am getting are a good deal.


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