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Have you ever come across an online ad for work at home rebate processing jobs? They always seem too good to be true. Find out which jobs you should avoid!

Have you ever come across an online ad for work at home rebate processing jobs? They always seem too good to be true. Well, they are! Over the past few years I have set out to find the best ways to make money online. In searching for real, legit options to make an income online I have come across work at home rebate processing over and over again.

The ads always sound great! They normally pay pretty high like $25 for each rebate your process. If you are like me then you probably saw the ad and though “Oh, WOW! I can bang out a few an hour!” That is where the false hope of actually making money stems from when you see these ads. They lure you in by saying that the amount of money you make depends on how many you can process each day.

Work At Home Rebate Processing SCAMS

So, I have actually looked into a several of these so-called work at home rebate processing positions and have found that they all pretty much work the same way. You see the ad and start thinking about how much money you can make doing this. So, you respond to the ad and someone replies to you immediately to get you started. They tell you that it will cost a small fee of $25 to sign-up and get you started making money, but spaces are limited.

Now, you should never pay to make money unless you are investing in your own business or education, but you may be tempted because you are thinking of how much you will make and that putting out $25 may seem like nothing if it helps you secure a lucrative position. Plus, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity if the spaces are limited…

Let’s say you do decide to opt in and pay the $25. The person then signs you up for the so-called rebate processing job. Well, this person is someone just like you. They came across the same ad and they paid someone $25 to sign-up. They began working just to find out that they are not processing rebates at all. They are promoting and sharing that same ad and trying to get people to sign up just like they did to you. They make money off of each person that signs up. Nobody ever processes a rebate, that’s just how they get your attention. So, instead of having guaranteed work and processing rebates you are then just promoting this so-called job and making money when people sign-up for what they think is something completely different.

Years ago when these ads first started being promoted, some people probably did make a lot of money from home or online. So, I am sure many people paid that $25 to sign up . These days there are more legit opportunities and also more information on what you should avoid. Work at home rebate processing falls into the category of jobs or scams to avoid, but there are many honest and legit work at home jobs out there.

If you are interested, you can take a look at these other ways to make money online, or take a look at me book Real Ways to Make Money from Home. This book goes into depth about 12 different ways that you can earn a full-time income from home without having to work 40 hours a week.

Have you ever done an ACTUAL rebate processing job? Please share in the comments below if you have found a real work at home rebate processing job!

Have you ever come across an online ad for work at home rebate processing jobs? They always seem too good to be true. Find out which jobs you should avoid!

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  1. In my years of working online, I have not come across of a legitimate rebate processing job. They have all the ingredients of a scam. First they let you pay to work. I think you should get paid to work and not the other way around. Then the job is very easy to do as they would describe it coupled with a large paycheck. These are definitely scams and people should be vigilant. In essence, if you want real money, get a real job. There are many platforms out there that gives real money.

  2. I used to do rebate processing at home, but I would have to drive to a certain location daily and pick up my work for the day while returning the previous day’s work. The company it was for was about 30 minutes away, and they would dispatch trucks to the surrounding towns for the employees to meet and swap work. It was perfect!

    Unfortunately, the company realized they could pay cheaper labor if they moved the entire facility to Mexico. 🙁

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