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Do you want to work from home? Today I am going to share with you another position from my Work From Home Interview Series and the focus will be on running your own at-home daycare service.

I have only done a few work from home positions myself, so I wanted to hear from other people and how they make an income working from home. It is fun to learn about other people’s jobs and I wanted to share this information with all of you. I LOVE working from home as a blogger. If you are interested you can check out my guide on how to start a blog or watch the video tutorial

I will provide you with new interviews, as a part of this series, from people who either work from home full-time or even part-time. I am having so much fun learning about all the different ways that you can make money from home!

Today, you are going to hear about working from home running a daycare service. Personally, I have contemplated doing this position numerous times. Since I have three boys it would be an excellent choice.

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Have you ever considered running a daycare service from home? Find out everything you need from someone who works from home running a daycare.

Sarah Daycare serviceThe questions below were answered by Sara, a reader of Frugal Fanatic. She runs a daycare out of her home and was more than happy to share her answers to my questions about this work from home daycare position.  


Work From Home Running a Daycare:

1. What is your work from home job and how did you get started?

My at home job is running a small Daycare from my home. It was very easy actually. I placed a few ads on Facebook in our local yard sale sites and advertised it on there bumping my post every afternoon to get more hits.


2. Why did you decide on this position?

Well deciding on this position was actually very easy for me. I have always loved children and wanted my own children to have some play mates. So to me it was logical to start an at home daycare. Not only was it an extra income but I got to continue to stay home and bonus was both my kids got to make new friends and have lots of play time everyday.


3. Is this job full-time, or part time? How many hours a week would you say you spend working?

This is defiantly a Full time job for me. Though it could potentially be a part time job for someone else. Due to my open hours I can potentially work 60 hours a week. But considering the fact that I get to play and have fun with my own kids makes the long hours feel not so long.


4. How do you find time to work with your other everyday obligations?

When it comes to my everyday obligations I work then into my schedule. For instance when I get up in the morning I let me dogs out and start a load of laundry. Or when my Daycare kids and my kids are eating breakfast I take a few minutes to unload the dishwasher from the night before and clean off the counters and stove. At lunch after my husband gets home he keeps an eye on the kids for a few minutes while I run and switch out the laundry. I bring up the basket and fold it while my daycare kids have what I call free play.


5. What is your favorite part about working from home?

I get to spend lots of time with my kids and see them learn and grow into smarter bright more social boys everyday.


6. Did you need any training or experience for this position? Any particular qualifications?

I did not need any training or experience to do this position. Of course some people would love for you to be certified or have CPR training but it is not something required. When it comes to qualifications you don’t need to have any of those as well but I will state this you need to check with your state about there regulations in my state you are allowed to watch up to 4 children that are not your own or close relatives without having to be certified threw the state.


7. What affect does your income have on you and/or your family?

It has a major impact. Now we are able to afford more things and are allow to do more things as well. This income as allowed us to rent to own a home that I am happy to say we will own in about 5 years.


8. Would you recommend this position for someone who is looking for a work at home job?

I would recommend this to anyone who likes kids or has children of their own as it is very rewarding but also can be hard work. But if you ask me I would defiantly recommend this as a viable at home job.


9. Any advice for other people who are looking to get started with this position.
My advice would be three things when it comes to make this business work. First do your research and look up your states guidelines on childcare certifications. Second advertise advertise advertise. This is something that you have to keep up with to be successful. And Third but defiantly not least have a sold straight forward contract that includes everything you expect and that you expect from you Daycare parents.

Thank You Sara!

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If you already work from home and your position is not listed below in the interviews please feel free to contact me to participate and share your knowledge with my readers {no MLM’s or direct sales please}.

Have you ever considered running a daycare service from home? Find out everything you need from someone who works from home running a daycare.

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