Valentines Day Trifle

If you have been following my site for awhile then you know that I LOVE making trifles. I am not that great when it comes to cooking or baking, but I can whip these up anytime because they are so easy to make.

Although I called this one a Valentines Day trifle, it could really be for anytime of the year. That is the fun part about making trifles, you can switch up a few of the ingredients to fit any party or occasion. I would also recommend adding Strawberry pie filling because I have done it in the past and it is delicious.

Follow my easy instructions so that you can enjoy this delicious dessert for Valentines Day!

Course Dessert


  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Pink Velvet Cake
  • Vanilla Instant Pudding {1 large box or 2 small boxes}
  • 1 Large tub of Cool Whip


  1. Start by preparing the cakes. I used store bought Duncan Hines cakes, but you can also make your own. Follow the directions on the box and let cool.

  2. Prepare the instant pudding according to the box and refrigerate.

  3. Layer the trifle into your trifle bowl:

    Layer of Cake - you can start with either one first. I always crumble the cake to make it easier, but you can slice it into chunks as well. Make sure you cover the entire bottom of the trifle bowl. It helps create a bottom to the trifle which is easier for serving.

    Layer of Pudding

    Layer of Cake - rotate and use the other color of cake for this layer.

    Layer of Strawberry Pie Filling

    Layer of Cool Whip


  4. Top with cool whip

  5. Enjoy!