Frugal Fall Decorating Tips

Do you like decorating Fall, but do not like spending a lot of money? I have found some great ways to make your home feel warm and inviting for Fall without spending a fortune. Read about our frugal fall decorating tips.

Are you excited for Fall but need some frugal fall decorating tips? Below you will find some great ideas and tips for decorating your home for Fall.   I love everything Fall! The falling leaves, the crisp air, apple cider and all things pumpkin put me in a wonderful mood. I love to decorate for fall but I don’t like to spend money on overpriced fall decor. I put together this list of … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

The best part of Halloween is making yummy treats that go with the theme of the holiday. Check out these 15 quick and easy Halloween treats that you can make!

I absolutely love Halloween. I have so much fun making yummy treats for my family that go along with the theme of the holiday. If you are looking for fun ideas to try for the then check out the list below of 15 Quick & Easy Halloween Treats! Each of these recipes offer a unique take on Halloween food. Be sure to check out each one, you may be surprised how many awesome ideas you will want to … [Read more...]

Preschool Fun – 2014

connor preschool

This week both of my boys started Preschool. Connor is in 4-year Preschool and goes 4 days a week and Mason is in 3-year old Preschool and goes 2 days a week. I was a little nervous today for Mason because he is really attached to me. Not only was I shocked when he just walked right in, but I almost cried because he never looked back!! I guess that is better than him screaming and crying, but come … [Read more...]

Ways to make your Paycheck last longer

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Read how these 10 ways can help you make your paycheck last longer!

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Below you will find some great tips to help you make your paycheck last longer. With time, you should be able to start putting away a certain amount of your paycheck each month.     Does it seem like no matter how much money you make, you still have trouble making your paycheck last longer than a few days? Check out our list of 10 … [Read more...]

10 Items you Should NOT buy at a Drugstore

10 Items you should NOT buy at a drugstore

Thank you to our reader Julie for submitting this article on items you should NOT buy at a drugstore.   The local drugstore has become somewhat of a convenience store. You can buy pretty much anything, from food to toilet tissue, but there are some things you should never purchase when you are there. Most drugstores are overpriced and in some cases an outright rip off. I prefer dollar … [Read more...]

Is Your Child A Picky Eater?


My boys are picky eaters so I was excited to have the opportunity to try out Enfagrow Toddler as a part of this sponsored post program. As a mom of three young boys I am constantly worrying about their nutrition. Are they eating the foods they should be? Are they getting enough vitamins and nutrients? I often struggle when it comes to finding foods that are healthy and they will enjoy eating. I … [Read more...]

How Can Kids Save Money?

Want to teach your kids how they can save money? Here are 5 ways that will help you get started!

Are you asking yourself: how can kids save money? Teaching kids how to save money at an early age is extremely beneficial. It is important to focus on how they can learn to save money for their future. So, how can kids save money? Being frugal and knowing how to save money are important things to teach your children. You want them to grow up to be responsible and financially stable. Take a look … [Read more...]

iPad Mini Giveaway: Enter NOW!

iPad Giveaway

Now is your chance to WIN an iPad Mini! I have teamed up with some awesome bloggers to celebrate one of my blogging friends reaching an important milestone: has reached 10,000 Pinterest followers! To help her celebrate we are giving away an iPad Mini! Are you on Pinterest? Follow Saving You Dinero's board Our Favorite Pins on Pinterest You are going to love this iPad Mini. … [Read more...]

Crib Safety Tips: Must Read

Read these 10 tips on how you can keep your baby safe in their crib.

  Thank you to our Frugal Fanatic reader, Jamie, for providing this wonderful post about crib safety tips.   When you have a baby, their safety is your number one concern. As a new parent you may be wondering what you can and cannot have in their crib. Please take a moment to read a few of our crib safety tips. These are some of the things you should look for and do when it comes to baby’s … [Read more...]

Kids Fall Bucket List: 15 FUN Ideas to Try

Trying to find fun activities for your kids to do during Fall? Make a Fall bucket list! Here are some fun ideas to try with your kids

Have you ever made a Kids Fall Bucket List? Fall is my favorite season so I am always trying to find fun things for my family and I to do. Below you will find 10 fun ideas for you to try with your kids this Fall.   Every kid always has a list of things they just have to do in the Summer and Winter. Swimming, surfing, snowboarding and skiing are popular things to do during those … [Read more...]